On the Cover, Regulars and Shorts

On the Cover: January 2014

By Polly Mottonen

“Lung Love” by Polly Pummer Mottonen.

 1.Cover 1401

I created this month’s cover “Lung Love” as a collage of folks enjoying themselves outside, from biking to frisbee, even doing the laundry on a sunny day. One of the tiny figures is my son, Max, now 12, running in one of his early soccer games.

As 2013 closed and the air thickened down here in the valley, the hacking began. Both of my boys started feeling sick. Sometimes there were advisories against kids playing outside! Max even stayed home from school some days.50hair

We live in Salt Lake because we love the lifestyle it provides our families, but to not have safe air—well, that’s essential. “Lung Love” represents my hope for my kids and neighbors to have freedom to breathe—an awareness that we are just big filters of the atmosphere around us. To stay and play, we must change our relationship to the air we so vitally need.

In the meantime, we can show a little gratitude toward our lungs. See page six for more about the CATALYST “Love Your Lungs” campaign.

This article was originally published on December 30, 2013.