On the Cover

On the Cover: Goddess of Discovery

By catalyst

carolgretFrom the moment I met Greta, I recognized her as a powerful goddess and have wanted to photograph her as such ever since. Recently, I found that we have never had the pleasure of seeing her visage on the cover of this fine magazine in the 28 years it has been in production (though her backside was featured on the Feb. ‘02 issue). Greta is not in the habit of calling attention to herself in this way, she is often too busy discovering the magic in those around her and showing us these treasures. Usually, she exhibits herself by what she channels through her magazine. So the rest of us at Catalyst Magazine have taken the opportunity to share with you the treasure that we are blessed to have in our lives.

Continuing the tradition of my Goddess series, Greta is the Goddess of Discovery. Always the explorer, she cuts through pretense in order to communicate knowledge. The natural world provides a rich playground where her curiosity is never sated though she is always fulfilled. She honors each living being from the smallest snail to the largest tree with thoughtful love and consideration. Greta is the compassionate teacher who recognizes the light in all. She is the catalyst for knowledge, passion, awareness and love. Namaste, Goddess Gret.

Corol Koleman authored our popular ”Profile of a Goddess” series. She is the CATALYST office dominatrix and a catalyst in her own right. We love Carol!




This article was originally published on September 30, 2009.