On the Cover

On The Cover: Darryl Erdman

By Darryl Erdman

otcdecemberMy work seems to be in constant motion. It always includes color, line, and space. Exploring relationships between the above mentioned elements are my greatest challenges. As I grow with my work, I hope to make the relationships more relevant. Motion and rhythm are also constantly appearing as I paint, and are important components. Recently my work has taken a turn to a minimalist approach. I want to be able to let the viewer enjoy the relationships of color and the other elements of my work. Art is a wonderful mystery that still fascinates me everyday. Hopefully along the way I have participated in the creative process. I have been actively engaged in painting for many years. My hope is to continue for many more. My wife and I owned and operated Chroma Gallery in Sugarhouse for the last seven years. We recently closed our doors in July 2006. Currently my work can be seen at Phillips Gallery for the Holiday Show. They are located at 444 E 200 S, 364-8284. Also at Patrick Moore Gallery, 511 W 200 S, 521-5999 and can also be seen at Art Access Gallery, 230 S 500 W, 328-0703.

Contact me by email or at 652-6963.

This article was originally published on December 1, 2006.