On the Cover

On the Cover: Bernie Sanders Rally

By John deJong

Photo by John deJong

Screen Shot 2016 04 08 at 4.48.34 PMThe first time I participated in politics was in 1964 in Iowa. Junior high was let out early so we could go see President Lyndon Baines Johnson on his way to the Iowa Democratic convention in Des Moines. In 1968, I went to a rally for Bobby Kennedy at the BYU fieldhouse, three days before he was assassinated.

In the decades since, including a tour of Vietnam, I’ve become disenchanted with what passes for democracy in this country and state, particularly after the Citizens United ruling.

Screen Shot 2016 04 08 at 4.51.54 PMIt was with trepidation that I rode my scooter to This Is The Place monument to hear Bernie Sanders campaign for president last month. The scene of thousands of people coming through the fields brought to mind stories of town hall meetings 200 years ago. The eager, attentive crowd was rewarded by a game-changing speech. It renewed my faith.

This article was originally published on April 1, 2016.