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On the cover: April 2017

By Staff

Face Within a Rose By Linda Dalton Walker

I decided that if I could paint that flower on a huge scale, you could not ignore its beauty.

-Georgia O’Keefe

Local oil painter, Linda Dalton Walker, attended the University of Utah and gained artistic knowledge in abstract art and an understanding of color from artists such as Nel Ivancich and John Erickson. She continued her artistic training under Kamille Corry, who studied at the Florence Academy in Italy. This intensive training in Kamille’s Atelier was the catalyst Linda needed to develop her art to the level she desired. As one looks at Dalton’s art you can observe the abstract and realistic training she has undergone.

“Recently, while taking in the beauty and aroma of the rose garden at Santa Barbara’s Mission, I leaned in to smell one of the roses and was struck by an inner beauty I had been overlooking. Painting roses had never entered my mind, but at that moment I saw them in a completely different light and knew they would soon be on my easel. Pulling out my iPad I began snapping shots from different angles. Once back in my SLC studio, I examined these photos even closer by zooming in to the core of the rose. Abstract shapes and vibrant colors soon filled the canvases in my studio. I began exploring local rose gardens and produced more paintable images. I believe it is the artist’s role to enhance the world the viewer sees by providing a different perspective. It is our charge, as artists, to help the viewer observe the natural world around them and take notice of what they would normally overlook. Presented with these ideals in mind, art can help them ponder, wonder, and come away with a different point of view.”

Linda Dalton Walker’s roses have been shown in two shows so far this year: BDAC in Bountiful, and Red Butte Garden in SLC. She has an upcoming show at the Cottonwood Country Club in July and August. Visit her website here.

This article was originally published on April 1, 2017.