On the Cover

On the Cover: April 2010

By Staff

trent_uriWhite Tara is one of three female Buddhist Deities that I painted for a recent exhibit at Finch Lane Gallery. The collection of paintings is entitled Sacred Geometry, which can be seen at my studio, Captain Captain, by appointment (trentalvey@xmission.com). Or come to an OPEN STUDIO EXHIBIT on Friday, April 23 from 5-7. Please RSVP by e-mail if you plan to come by the studio and I will give you directions.

SACRED GEOMETRY is the title I’ve chosen to investigate archetypal concepts of opposites and how those concepts define us and make our lives vital. Studying ancient systems of energy is the best way to progress into the future.

I am a mixed-media artist and have many materials and techniques to work with: paint, technology, industrial materials, found objects, cloth, light and sound. My work is a continuing exploration into universal pattern. I am looking at how frequency makes itself visible as form, a century-old science known as Cymatics.

See my sculptural work, CREATOR/DESTROYER: When Time Flows in Two Directions, at Phillips Gallery, opening on April 16, from 6-9 for Gallery Stroll. It will accompany James Lerager’s photo narrative exhibit covering nuclear weaponry and energy (see p. 34, in this issue).

—Trent Alvey



This article was originally published on April 1, 2010.