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On the Cover

By Staff

The Horse I Rode In On
—by Ric Blackerby

I rode in, looking for adventure. She was waiting for me to give her a ride. That red-headed cowgirl of my dreams. We met there on the salt range, in the shadow of the great Mount Olympus. I was dressed in leather chaps, my finest. Our bandanas and t-shirts marked our era, innocent faces, our age. My blue horse would carry us both, across the universe. She holds her empty hat, waiting to fill it with our life. Behind us the skies beam with hope and pleasure.

I painted The Horse I Rode In On for my wife, Marcee. A woman with the spirit to challenge any cowboy. We were a western kismet. Me riding. Her waitng.Ric

Having honed his skills with over four decades of practice, Ric Blackerby works with ease in several mediums, equally adept in sculpture (large and small), jewelry (gold, silver and all precious stones), and painting (acrylics and oils). He figures into many private collections, nationally and internationally. Ric has also done public art works in New York, Denver, Tulsa, San Francisco, St. Louis, Mount Vernon (Illinois) and his hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Working from his home studio in SLC, he accepts private, corporate, and municipal commissions and may be contacted at:

Ric Blackerby

1532 S Roberta St., Salt Lake City, UT 84115

Email mblackerby@comcast.net

This article was originally published on January 31, 2015.