On the Cover

On The Cover

By Staff

Lucia Heffernan’s paintings are full of surprises. Inspired by her fascination with animals, she creates whimsical and amusing works of art in oil. By placing animals in uniquely human situations, Lucia paints a playful world where animals do everything we do. She believes laughter is the best medicine, so her paintings are usually the visual rendering of a common phrase or a silly joke.

Despite the humorous nature of her work, Lucia is a very skilled technical painter. Like many artists, she began as a figurative artist focused on capturing her subjects true to life. Her style has evolved to incorporate a narrative, creating the illusion that animals can, in fact, do human things.

Her imaginative works feature everything from monocled high-society ostriches to rabbits driving carrot cars and trench coat- wearing hound dog private eyes. By portraying animals in human situations, her hope is to give them a voice and personality, and to give her viewers a sense of empathy for them.

Lucia makes fine art fun. Her light and colorful humor have made of her online print shop a worldwide success. She has won multiple local and national competitions and her work is widely collected throughout the world.

A graphic designer by trade and an oil painter by design, Lucia is continually experimenting with different styles of contemporary realism that balance her artistic sensibilities, technique, and unique sense of humor. As she evolves, what remains constant is her respect for the animals that inspire her, and her desire to bring a smile to the face of every viewer.

This painting is now in a private collection of

Harbor Seafood & Steak restaurant at 2302 Parley’s Way in Sugarhouse.





See more from Lucia at the following events:

•  Holiday Group Show at 15th Street Gallery – November 15th 6p to 9p

•  WorkshopSLC Holiday Open House – Thursday, Dec. 5th 3p to 9p This is where her studio and 5 other artists’ studios are. 153W. 2100S Salt Lake City, UT 84115  This space features a workshop classroom.

•  Holiday Open House at 15th Street Gallery Dec. 6th 6p-9p

This article was originally published on November 1, 2019.