On the Cover

On the cover

By Staff

My inspiration comes from the sweet side of life. I admire the great Illustrators of the 20th century, as well as the Masters in Fine Art, and Modern Art.

Over time I have preferred to explore the figure and representational painting in general What has evolved is a smooth blending of the representational with a quirky distortion, as well as an effort to create a deeper narrative within my work.

By adding a slight distortion, I am free to let the image create itself using each piece as a lesson that is used in the next piece.

The historical or ‘period’ nature of the work lends itself to a style (and a palette) that I enjoy, and reaches back to a seemingly simpler time.

These themes inspire me creatively. I use them as an opportunity, trying to incorporate the style into each challenge I confront.

I work in a studio attached to my home in Santa Barbara, California.

Using vintage reference photos, live models and imagination, the work is then created on Canvas or Panel. When using black and white vintage photo references, much of the color is created from imagination.

My work is shown in prominent galleries nationally, featured in many art publications, and collected around the world.


Cover Image: “Ride Sharing” by Fred Calleri, available at Gallery MAR in Park City www.gallerymar.com

This article was originally published on November 30, 2018.