On the Cover

On the Cover

By Staff

Cover artist and my friend Edie Roberson passed away last week. She is widely known as one of Salt Lake’s most esteemed painters. Her body of work is extraordinary and I invite you to take a minute or two to pop through the gallery archive on her website for a a real treat.

Many of her paintings feel familiar. Characters of nostalgia; antique toys, cartoon personalities, historic figures, often juxtaposed ad always meticulously rendered but if you look closely, her interpretations tease out a more complex story. You are left wondering “What is her up to? Why are they together? Where is this headed?”

Edie and I traded works a while back. She gave me a haunting portrait of an antique doll, Passing Time about which she explained, “look at her eyes, they are exactly the same as the day she was made one hundred years ago. While the rest of her has peeled away, she still sees as well as the day she was made.”

Edie’s request to me in making her stained glass window was to “not let one drop of stress into it. Make what you want and enjoy every minute of it.” Hence Edie’s Joy Ride replete with little yellow lay riding a big blue marble into the sky.


Learn more about Edie here.

This article was originally published on September 1, 2014.