On the Cover

On the Cover

By Staff

Leia Bell: Solo and Me

I got my start as an artist screenprinting posters for rock shows in Salt Lake City about 15 years ago, and soon after that I expanded my reach across the US and Europe designing posters for venues and bands I loved. The inspiration behind the subject matter in my posters comes from my life — mostly

snapshots from parties I went to, my travels, and as I have gotten older the subjects revolve around my kids and various pets. I draw in thick, cartoony lines, simplifying the characters so that they could be just about anyone.

In 2008 I passed down the torch of resident Kilby Court poster artist (the local music venue my husband Phil owned), and traded in my squeegees for mat and glass cutters. For 8 years now, Phil and I have been building custom handmade frames at our gallery and frame shop in South Salt Lake, Signed & Numbered. u

Prints and posters are for sale at Signed & Numbered (2320 S. West Temple) in SLC. 801.596.2093

This article was originally published on September 1, 2016.