October 4-10 — Look Before You Leap

By Christopher Renstrom

I own a marketing/ad agency and a business acquaintance has purchased a huge winery. He is interested in contracting my company, but I decided that the project is too robust to be outsourced and told him he needed to hire me as his director of Marketing & Events. I put together a fab proposal and have followed up twice. He has promised to set up a meeting, but no call. He is swamped. This is my dream job. Am I going to get it? It means walking away from my company, but I’d do it!!
Birthday: October 6, 1961

You’re a Libra so there’s every reason to hope for the best with Saturn moving into your zodiac sign on October 29th, 2009. Usually Saturn in your sign isn’t a positive experience (just ask any Virgo about their past two years) because Saturn is the planet of trials and tribulations. However Saturn is exalted when it’s in Libra (and only in Libra) and “exalted” means that this curmudgeonly planet will suddenly be on its best behavior from 2009 through 2012. Instead of working against you, Saturn will work for you and that’s good news for Libras everywhere.

But just because you’re getting a thumbs-up from the Stars doesn’t mean that things will go swimmingly or that you’ll always be as enchanted by your prospects as you are now. Saturn has a strict no-returns policy when it’s in the sign of the Scales which means that both parties need to weigh their considerations in the balance before making a commitment.

What you’re proposing to your business acquaintance is very different from what he originally had in mind. You’re asking him to create a job position for you at a time when he’s just purchased a winery. That’s a tall order given the current economic climate and requires a re-think on his part as well as more patience on yours. The fact that he’s taking a long time to respond signals that he’s interested.

That said, I suggest returning to the original game plan which is to let him contract your services for now. You need to show him (not tell him) why he needs you on a full-time basis and the best way for him to see that is to work with you. This also gives you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the way he runs his business. Remember that you’re talking about transitioning from being a business owner to director of marketing which means you’ll be losing your autonomy in the process. This isn’t something you want to enter into hastily no matter how pressing your circumstances are.

Finally Saturn will retrograde back into Virgo on April 7, 2010 before it returns to Libra on July 21, 2010. Saturn retrogrades are famous for sprinkling flies in the ointment so these are the months when you’ll become acquainted with all the faults and foibles. Should you survive this period intact then you’ll know that this truly is your dream job and not a nightmare scenario come to life.


This article was originally published on October 3, 2009.