October 25-31 — Heading for the Long Haul

By Christopher Renstrom

I am 5 months into a new relationship and it feels like it could be very long term, which is what I want. I will have Saturn going into my 7th house when it enters Libra. What do you think it will mean for the relationship? His Moon is 3 Libra and his Saturn is 9 Libra, both falling in my 7th. My birthday is 7/26/1945 and his birthday is 7/27/1952.

The strongest pairings in Astrology are between people born in the same sign and/or whose Ruling Planets fall in the same sign. The fact that you are both Leos and that your and his Ruling Planet, the Sun, is also in Leo doubly confirms—by sign and by planet—that you have true relationship potential.

But let’s talk about what it means for Saturn to be going into your 7th house. A horoscope is a circle that is divided into 12 parts. The easiest visual is to think of a clock with 12 numbers on it. Each number—which we know stands for an hour of the day– is also considered a “house” in Astrology.

A house does two things. It describes a specific area of your life—there’s a house of money, a house of friends, a house of small pets, and even a house of secret enemies—and it tells us the exact time that we can expect to deal with these issues. But how do we know when that exact time is? When a planet goes into a house.

The planets act like the hands on a clock. Astrologers use them to tell time. When we see a planet like Saturn move into the 7th house—which is the house of relationships– then we know that this is the time when questions of partnership will be most crucial.

Thankfully your 7th house belongs to Libra. Usually Saturn going into the 7th brings trials and tribulations to a relationship, however Saturn is “exalted” in Libra which means that it will be on its best behavior. There’s something about the energy of Libra that transforms Saturn from a curmudgeon into a matchmaker. Saturn in Libra likes to marry people.

And this is where you can expect the drama to unfold. You talk about Saturn going into your 7th house, but it’s important to remember that Saturn came from somewhere too. In your horoscope Saturn comes from the 4th house (that’s where Saturn was on the day that you were born) and the 4th house is the house of family, home, and property. This creates a square—always a source of conflict in Astrology—and that could mean that there will be family members who aren’t too keen on you and your friend getting together. They may not care for him personally or they may be worried that your tying the knot would negatively impact their financial and/or property concerns. You can expect to deal with this while Mars is retrograde in your sign from December 20, 2009 through March 10, 2010. You won’t like people making your business their business but if you channel the diplomatic energies of Saturn in Libra then you should be able to put them at ease while keeping your relationship intact.

This article was originally published on October 25, 2009.