October 18-24 — Love Lost…But Not Forgotten

By Christopher Renstrom

I got a bit of a bruised ego this summer on the love front, and am having a hard time forgetting and moving forward. I find that this person keeps popping up in my head. So I guess my question is what do the stars and planets say about the love aspect of my life? Is there a reason I can’t forget? Is there something exciting happening in my near future that will distract me and move me forward? Birthday: July 8, 1978

Summer 2009 was rough for Cancers. You had three eclipses taking place in rapid-fire succession (July 7, July 21st, and August 5) and this would have left you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and wondering what you did wrong in a Past Life to deserve such a cosmic slam.

Eclipses are astrology’s “rectifiers”. They work like course corrections and are aimed at getting you back on track should you find yourself drifting or going around in circles like a rudderless ship. Eclipses come in two varieties—solar eclipse and lunar eclipse. A solar eclipse is when the Moon moves in front of the Sun and casts its shadow on the earth. Solar eclipses are all about new beginnings and radical departures and they take about a year to play out in your life.

A lunar eclipse is when the earth stands between the Sun and the Moon and casts its shadow on the Moon. Lunar eclipses are less dramatic and act more like biannual check-ups for your horoscope. If things are hale and hearty—great. But if anything’s on iffy footing—like your job, relationship, or health matter—then it will unravel and fall apart during a lunar eclipse. This is Astrology’s way of clearing out the deadwood in order to make room for new growth.

I’m afraid that your relationship with that fellow was a casualty of July 7th’s lunar eclipse. It took place at 15 degrees Capricorn which is exactly opposite your Sun at 15 degrees Cancer. Break-ups are never easy, but you must admit that walking away with a bruised ego beats walking away with a broken heart.

Meanwhile you won’t be single for long—not with Mars, the planet of men, having just entered Leo last week. This is a big deal because you were born with four planets in Leo– including your Ruling Planet, the Moon. When we add to the mix that Mars will be in Leo for a prolonged stay due to its retrograde (Mars usually spends six-ish weeks in a sign but this time it will be eight months) you can expect lots of drama to come with that romance. Hopefully this won’t result in round two with your ex—although it’s possible given that retrogrades can be regressive in their energy. However my feeling is that you will be dating someone new who also brings with him a lot of emotional baggage. Now whether that baggage is carry-on or has to be checked at the gate is up to you to decide. Thankfully you will have until June 7, 2010 to judge for yourself.



This article was originally published on October 14, 2009.