Numerology for the Year 2022: The Year of Transitions, Concessions, and Sacrifices

By Suzanne Wagner

Let’s take a look at the numerology for 2022.

The Number 6 (2+0+2+2) is the angel that inspires us to seek within where our most precious self resides. This angel reminds us to listen for that which we believed was lost. We discover those aspects within that now need to be embraced and then need to be seen by others.

2022 is a year to discover who we are inside to be able to effectively express who we are outside, in the physical world.

Let’s look at all the possible clues to the meaning of this number 6 year ahead.

The 6th month of the year belongs to the astrological signs of Gemini and a few Cancers. Gemini loves to explore the mind and the infinite possibilities that mankind has yet to discover. It is a sign that asks us to step back and be objective rather than allow the uncertainty of life to distract us from our purpose.

But one needs to know one’s purpose first. And this number is that invitation to discover and explore what is ultimately a deeply personal journey. It’s also a clue to the gifts that relationships give us. That is where the sign of Cancer comes into the mix. Cancer is the sign of “home.” Home is our personal center, that place from which all originality arises and moves out from. When we know and are aligned with our “home base,” we have something of real value to offer another.

Our “home” is where our authentic self lives and thrives. 2022 reveals to us the truth of what we’re feeling, in all its raw and real expressions.

Virgo, the 6th sign in the zodiac, is a sign of body, our work, and the service we intend to provide in this world.

This year, it compels us to address the physical health issues that are demanding our attention and the mental

health issues that may have arisen due to stresses in our modern world and the pandemic.

It is time to put ourselves first on the list. If we are unwilling to take care of ourselves, we contribute to a world that will collapse under the weight of dysfunctional souls who have lost their way. To have a stable society we need to have stable, healthy and educated populations.

As the sign of mutable Earth, Virgo reminds us that there are seasons for all things, seasons of abundance and seasons of darkness.

Seasons of darkness require us to build up our root systems. They may look bleak on the outside but they are necessary for us to allow expansion, as we are required to grow deeper within before we come back out into the light of the world.

2022 will be our personal story of Demeter and her daughter Persephone by way of Zeus.

Hades (the god of Death) abducts Persephone and takes her into the underworld. Demeter, who is goddess of the Earth, becomes so distraught that all the planet begins to fail and famine spreads throughout the world. Zeus intervenes and requests that Persephone, who is goddess of Fertility and Harvest, be returned to the above world to save humanity. But Hades, whom Persephone has grown to love, does not want to let her go and tricks Demeter into eating 6 pomegranate seeds so she must spend 6 months below ground and 6 months above ground. Hence, we have the seasons.

This story of a young woman who falls in love with the dark god of the underworld represents the fading of innocence. A young woman is required to chart a new path as she moves into maturity. It is the age-old story that each of us must forge our own destiny, to the dismay of our mothers’ dreams and desires. It reminds us that we all must embrace our own choices and decisions. And those choices will impact the seasons of our life.

This story shows us that the family bonds, while strong, will be challenged by love—thus causing grief and loss.

In the end, hope is renewed from a place of seeing and understanding a bigger perspective. Persephone is the metaphor for the journey from maidenhood to womanhood.

I find this an apropos archetype for our world currently. We are moving from a place of naïve innocence into a new world where we must learn to embrace our own darkness to be whole and to bring hope back into the world. Therefore, we walk through grief and loss to become first complete within. Only by learning to embrace the darkness we hold inside can we mature, becoming functioning participants in this rapidly evolving world

With the year 2022, we have three “2’s” to work with. Number 2 is the number of negative mind or critical thinking.

An immature consciousness is negative, prejudiced, blaming, judgmental. It projects beliefs into the world that are irrational and irresponsible.

A mature conscience can look, listen and understand from a more “critical” place of awareness, using discernment rather than objectifying a situation. It looks past the rational and feels into the intuitive. It sees the difference between human law and sacred law.

This year, those stuck in an immature consciousness will be recognized by their negative voice and their inability to think from a more integrative place where they understand that we are all connected.

Those who, on their way to seeing the sacred and acting from a place that wants to create a world that is good for all, rather than a few, will shine brightly.

When we add a zero into the mix, all things magnify. The zero is the number of the infinite and it represents choice and wholeness. Many events of 2022 will alter human behavior and evolution.

This numerology shows that the quest for harmony is becoming something of great value and worth. A conscience is growing in our world, a yearning toward more understanding and simplicity.

So, what should you personally expect in the year 2022?

Start by paying attention to the small things. Details will matter more than ever before.

Stay focused and notice those who carry heavy negative energy. Make conscious choices as to who you let into your space. So much is shifting; we will need to set limits that support a healthier life and world.

Write out your personal goals and priorities. Believe that the quest for wholeness will guide you to find those people and opportunities that will support your journey.

This year more than ever, the darkness within is a tool for cutting away that which has needed to be pruned for a long time. Believe in yourself. Seek and befriend that which is hidden in the darkness.

Love is the path.

Spirituality is the tool.

Willingness is required.

And maturity will be the result.

I salute you all on your journey and await the stories to be shared at a later time.

Suzanne Wagner is a psychic, author and teacher, whose column, “Metaphors for the Month,” has appeared in CATALYST Magazine since the 1990s. Her Utah visits are curtailed during Covid but she still works with clients via phone and the internet. Visit Video version:

This article was originally published on January 2, 2022.