November 29-December 5 — Bouncing Back

November 30, 2009

Christopher Renstrom

The last year has been very challenging. My husband has been unemployed for over 6 months and is looking/hoping for a more fulfilling career. I desire better communication and mutual support in our relationship. Are we going to see an upswing any time soon? Do you see any short cuts or special signposts on this learning curve? Is a long distance move part of this transition? Him: 8/25/1961; Me: 9/10/1962.

You and your husband make a great team. Being born under the same zodiac sign is one of Astrology’s strongest indicators for a deep and lasting bond, so I’m sure you’ll work out a way of getting through this rough patch together. But even though you’re both Virgos, your Ruling Planet Mercury is in Libra whereas his Ruling Planet Mercury is in Virgo and that says a lot about your differences.

Mercury in Libra makes you an idealist. A born interviewer, you naturally seek the opinions and input of others. Not only does the lively exchange of ideas get your own mental wheels turning, but you feel that everyone has something unique to bring to the table. Mercury in Libra is all about collaboration. You truly believe that two heads are better than one– which is just as well because you often need someone else to do the legwork.

Your husband’s Mercury in Virgo makes him more of a doer. He likes to draw up to-do lists and then tackle every item on them. Nothing makes him happier than checking off each task upon completion. But to-do lists aren’t mission statements and this could be the source of your trouble. It’s easier for your husband to busy himself with chores then it is for him to contemplate abstract questions like: what would he like to do with his life?

The reason Virgos have a hard time taking any big step forward (and this applies to you too) is because they get mired in technicalities. They’ll tell themselves they aren’t qualified, haven’t got the proper tools and skills, or they’ll fixate on the one thing that isn’t right while disqualifying everything else that is. These are stalling tactics designed to keep Virgos in their comfort zone—which is dutifully following a routine.

Now that Saturn, the planet of tests, is out of Virgo you should be feeling less under pressure and more there for each other. Begin by telling him that you’re both on the same learning curve. This will make him feel more comfortable. Then get him to talk about his big life plans by talking about yours. What would you like to do if you could do anything? Show him your dreams and ambitions and he’ll show you his. You may think you’ve heard it all before but it’s amazing what emerges with a fresh hearing. Finally—a long distance move is not out of the question. Next year you’ll be experiencing your Jupiter return and Jupiter is the planet of greener pastures. Don’t be surprised if you hear about an opportunity to pull up stakes and start anew somewhere else in February 2010.