November 15-21 — Too much on my plate?

November 15, 2009

Christopher Renstrom

My birthday is 10/08/70. I love nothing more than a great opportunity. In the past year many amazing doors have opened, and I have entered most of them. Everything I’m involved with is exciting and, I feel, moves me forward in my life and learning. Sometimes I wonder if I tend to take on too much, however, and I know it occasionally raises my partner’s (DOB 03/08/68) stress level. What do the planets say about my proclivity for success in multiple, ambition endeavors at this time of my life? Do I need to slow down? How might it affect my relationship?

I don’t think you need to slow down as much as you need to be more selective about what you take on.

A Libra isn’t satisfied unless her dance card is full. Born under Venus, the planet of love and beauty, nothing makes you happier than to be in demand and you pride yourself on having a busy and hectic schedule. Knowing that there are places to go and people to meet keeps you lively, effervescent, and engaged. Networking is in your blood and if you could “friend” the entire world—you would. People are the most valuable resource in your life. They bring you opportunity, status, and money.

However it’s the Moon in Capricorn along with the Mars and Pluto conjunction in Virgo in your horoscope that makes you a tad obsessive/compulsive when it comes to “working it.” You are clearly ambitious and will certainly succeed at a number of different endeavors, but sometimes you can be like a famished diner approaching an all-you-can-eat buffet. There’s a tendency to load up your plate on the first go-around only to discover when you return to your table that your eyes were bigger than your stomach. And this is when the opportunities that initially looked so appealing turn into a heap of obligations you have to fulfill. Learning not to bite off more than you can chew is one of those life lessons that you swear you’re going to learn one day but never seem to get around to learning. And this could be the source of tension in your relationship. Your partner may question if you’re truly making wise decisions.

If you don’t set limits for yourself then Saturn in your zodiac sign will. And you could get stuck with some steep reality checks in December 2009 and again in April and July 2010 if you aren’t careful. Thankfully you can avoid all of this by taking a cue from your Ruling Planet. Venus is the planet of debutantes and socialites and as every socialite knows—just because you receive hundreds of invitations doesn’t mean you have to say yes to every one of them. In fact the more invites you turn down, the better your cachet. You need to learn to say no in 2010. Not only will it keep you from running yourself ragged (which means more of a love life), but it ensures that you only pursue the opportunities worth pursuing—which of course are the ones that promise to show you off in your best light.