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Notes from the Trail: For Whom the Whistle Blows

By Steve Bhaerman

In these ‘beginning times,’ we can expect the lifting of veils and the blowing of whistles.

These are times of revelation, and two things are getting revealed simultaneously: how our power has been taken from us, and how we can reconnect with our Source of true power. As I’ve mentioned many times before, the original meaning of “apocalypse” is “the lifting of the veils.” The veils that Swami has called the “irony curtain” are being peeled away, and the sound of whistleblowers blowing whistles can be heard even through the media’s blather of babblum.

It’s easy to look at these times of radical (to the root) transformation as “end times.” Certainly, it’s the end of a way of being that is obsolete and unsustainable. But like the caterpillar transforming into butterfly, it is also a time for something else to be born. We on the planet today are right now living in two worlds, as one paradigm dissolves and another one emerges. In Spontaneous Evolution,, Bruce Lipton and I call it “the changing of the Gods.”

Those of us receiving a signal from the heart and soul of who we truly are, from this newly emerging organism called Humanity that seeks to live in harmony with the natural world, can feel—in the short run—discouraged. Yes, the caterpillar is deconstructing before our eyes, but where the heck is that butterfly? It’s one thing for the house of credit cards economy to come crumbling down, but the fraying of the web of life is something else entirely.

It is that signal of love, harmony, coherence, well-being, peace and happiness that we attune to in that still, small voice—or perhaps in loud, thunderous revelation—that is the gathering place where the butter­fly emerges from the field of possibilities into physical reality. That is why I choose to refer to this pivotal period in human history as The Beginning Times. As we divest ourselves from the creepy crawly caterpillar civili­za­tion that no longer serves us, and invest in that which brings love, harmony, healing and peace into our psyches and our world, it is most important to Gather Under One Big Intent.

While each of us is ultimately responsible for the healing of our own psyche and establishing the connection with our Spiritual Nature, doing this in the context of community accelerates the process at a crucial time. While it’s easy to gather with those who share similar “tribal values,” it is even more important in these times to reach out toward those who may not agree with us and find common ground in the heart.

We will need to cultivate that gathering place as more toxic secrets get revealed. Only the power of love can metabolize those toxins, and only the safe space of respectful listening can help people emerge from obsolete belief systems to find a greater truth. This is no idealistic abstraction. It has been demonstrated and is being demonstrated in Transpartisan gatherings in Seattle and elsewhere.

A peek behind the Irony Curtain

In these transitional times, where we are still gathering the courage to gather together, it is important that we honor the “whistleblowers” who are lifting the veils on that which we are most reluctant to look at. I have often defined “conspiracy theory” as “something which, were it true, you couldn’t deal with.” As an example, what if our own government or elements within it had something to do with the 9/11 attacks? What would that tell us about the powers that be in power, and what they would or wouldn’t do? Better to dismiss any other possible explanation of what happened that day as “conspiracy theory” so we don’t have to deal with that betrayal, either psychologically or in reality.

Even around far less controversial issues, it’s hard to find those with courage to face inconvenient truths. In this regard then, let’s honor Rep. Dennis Kucinich ( for standing by Bradley Manning when most legislators and the mainstream media left him hanging in the wind. For that matter, let’s honor Bradley Manning who is doing today what Daniel Ellsberg did 40 years ago—blew the whistle on a costly and unwinnable war that benefitted the few at the expense of the many. If you want to see a truly inspiring film—and also how far we’ve devolved in 40 years—go rent The Most Dangerous Man in America, which tells the story of Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers.

Another whistleblower hero of mine is journalist Mark Crispin Miller, http://markcrispinmiller. com/about/ who was an early “voice in the bewilderness” regarding election fraud. He has been on the case in the recent races in Wisconsin, even as Democratic Party regulars have been looking past the smoking gun insisting “everything is fine.” I first met Mark several years ago when he was promoting his book, Fooled Again: The Real Case For Electoral Reform, about his discovery of fraud in the 2004 election. A one-time professor at Johns Hopkins and currently a professor at NYU, it was painfully clear how his transformation from mainstream maven to truth-teller had impacted his life. Consider what happened to Van Jones when his name was associated with a petition to re-investigate the 9/11 attacks, or Rosie O’Donnell being relieved of her services after bringing up the same issue.

Truth-tellers—those who have the courage to point out the empire’s bare buttocks when others are afraid to look—are now marginalized through isolation and “career assassination.” I could see how once Mark stepped across the imaginary line to suggest that George Bush was re-elected President in 2004 through fraud, he was now viewed as “a guy with aluminum foil on his head.” Here’s an interesting statistic, though. At the Transpartisan Summit two years ago in Denver, a gathering that represented all points across the political spectrum, from mainstream to mainly extreme, an anonymous keypad survey ( revealed that 70% of those assembled believed that our government had prior knowledge of, or had a part in, the 9/11 attacks.

We now must face the realization that neither the mainstream media nor—for the large part—our elected officials can be trusted to tell us the truth. There is only one way that I see to “overgrow” the current dysfunctional order, and that is an emerging movement of independent citizens willing to discover a more likely story together. Neither the progressives nor the conservatives alone have the political or moral authority to confront the wooly mammoth in the living room. Only a transpartisan upwising of citizens ready to release the partisan trance can provide the foundation for a new political order. Interestingly but not surprisingly, this is what America’s founders meant when they used the term, “We, the People.” They understood something that science is now discovering: that collectively we may be much wiser than our most knowledgeable experts. Bruce Lipton and I cover “the Wisdom of Crowds” ( extensively in Spontaneous Evolution, and this knowledge has inspired my work in transpartisan politics.

So… yes, the “whistle”—the alarm, the wake-up call, the call to awareness—blows for me, for thee and for we. And we are called upon not just to lament and rail about what we don’t want, but to design together what we do want. It is time to bring the two qualities of the heart, compassion and courage, into cooperation and accord. And the way to do this is by bringing right and left front and center to bring forth a true American Evolution.

Steve Bhaerman is a writer and uncommontator who has written and performed comedy as Swami Beyondananda. He is also the co-author with Bruce Lipton of Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here (Hay House: 2009).

This article was originally published on September 1, 2011.