Editor’s Notebook

Note from the Editor: March 11

By Greta Belanger deJong

Dear friends & family,

It’s been a crazy week. I started school ~ the Goldman Sachs Foundation’s 10,000 Small Businesses program. Along with 29 others, I’m a proud scholar in the program’s 10th Utah cohort, made up entirely of small business owners.

Business school? For a bleeding liberal magazine editor & publisher? Hell yeah; I should’ve done it years ago. No one told me; and if they did, I wouldn’t have listened. This program is unique. And the timing is perfect.

We’ve established the nonprofit Common Good Press dba CATALYST and, for the first time ever, we’re inviting our readers to join in supporting us. If you’re among those who say CAT has played an integral role in building a more livable Salt Lake over the last 34 years, then I invite you to show your support via the Love UT Give UT campaign happening online all of March. We’ll still have ads. But if we can find other means of support ~ grants and reader contributions ~ we won’t be limited by them. Please see the notice in this email for donating to CATALYST. We love our readers. But financially supportive readers, at any level? Yep, we love you even more. Thank you!

# # #

In bed, about ready to turn out the light. Then Malia’s ginormous ears perk up and swivel. I hear it, too ~ a strangled sound coming from the bathroom. It’s the toilet.

I try a faucet. No water ~ just Darth Vader trapped somewhere in my sewer, breathing heavily. In a moment, water burps out.

Little dog and I go for an 11pm pajama walk. Around the corner we find guys in orange jumpsuits under floodlights putting the finishing touches on a newly replaced fire hydrant. Next to their excavator that resembles a giant yellow dog, they wait under the waxing crescent moon for a load of gravel to arrive.

A faucet that does not instantly gush water. It’s a startling thing. I’m not obsessing about that day arriving for real. I am, however, feeling grateful, much moreso than before, for clean water that flows from my tap.

Enjoy this week,
Greta deJong
editor & publisher, CATALYST

This article was originally published on March 11, 2016.