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New chiropractor

By Staff

Dr. Scott Graziosa has always had a love for the mountains, which led him to Salt Lake City after high school. He held his professional electrician license in the state of Utah before finding his true passion for chiropractic work. He chose to change careers, from electrician to a doctor, after witnessing many testimonials of patients whose lives were changed for the better from a chiropractic “specific” adjustment. Dr. Scott Graziosa, originally from New York, received his Bachelors in Biology and Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life University in Marietta, Georgia. He recently moved back to Salt Lake where he hopes to educate his clients about the importance of living a balanced life, eating healthy and maintaining a low stress mindset. He hopes to educate and empower people to express their full potential through an optimally working nervous system


This article was originally published on April 6, 2017.