Mystic Hot Springs Music Festival 2017 in Monroe, UT

By Sophie Silverstone
Photo by Skyler Greene, courtesy of Mystic Hot Springs

The only thing that could possibly be better than soaking in hot springs bathtubs amidst redrocks, would be soaking in said hot springs while enjoying music from local folk, rock, and blues musicians for the entire 24th of July weekend. Check This Out because famous personalities like Talia Keys & The Love, TAARKA, Jeff Austin Band, STONEFED, The Railsplitters, Hot Buttered Rum, The Grant Farm, and many other musicians think so too, and will be playing at this year’s Mystic Hot Springs Music Festival, July 21-24. The four-day festival is dedicated to celebration of life and the exchange of ideas. See the full lineup here.

Photo by Mystic Mike Ginsberg, courtesy of Mystic Hot Springs

Mystic Hot Springs, a Southern Utah refuge owned by “Mystic Mike” Ginsburg, is hosting the 11th annual summer festival (and third official year as the Mystic Hot Springs Music Festival). Mystic Mike, who once designed graphics and video animation for the Grateful Dead, has also hosted over a thousand shows on his hot spring-laden 120-acre property in Monroe, UT, just 150 miles south of SLC. Participants can camp on the property, purchase food from a few healthy food trucks, and in addition to enjoying the music, attend a variety of workshops including Acro yoga 101, Thai Yoga Massage, and a Circ-us Flash Mob.

For the first time, the opening ceremony will be lead by Hypnotherapist Aubrey Ixchel, who will unite attendees with an intention through the message, BE HERE NOW. “During the opening ceremony, I will be guiding participants, on a relaxing and inspiring inner journey that not only connects them more fully to themselves, but also to the entire Mystic Tribe.” Says Ixchel.

For those unsure about hypnotherapy, Ginsberg reiterates, “People often have a misconception about hypnotherapy, they think of a zombie-like person. That’s just not the case. We’re under hypnosis all the time, through advertising and conditioning. Through hypnosis you can separate your critical mind from your subconscious.” The goal is to create a sense of community, he adds. “Our hope is that the hypnosis will provide an anchor, a feeling of connection with everyone at the event, with themselves, and the earth.”

Photo by Stefan Poulos, courtesy of Mystic Hot Springs

In addition to Mystic Hot Springs’ lodging (ie renovated school buses and cabins), there is plenty of space for tent camping in varied areas around the property. The intimate setting is laid out for more of a conscious gathering, and is not designed for a party of excess. There will be no beer tents, as the festival distinguishes itself by limiting the space to consume alcohol to private spaces. “We want people to be present. Use their brains, exchange ideas, and to be creative,” says Ginsberg who hopes to inspire a more holistic approach to life.

CATALYST will be sending our own staffer, Jane Lyon to enjoy and share her experiences once she returns.

Visit MysticHotSpringsMusicFestival.com for more information.

This article was originally published on July 11, 2017.