Metaphors for the Month: October 2017

By Suzanne Wagner

As the seasons shift…

Osho Zen Tarot: The Outsider, Friendliness, Success

Medicine Cards: Bear, Ant

Mayan Oracle: Realm Shift, Cimi, Ben

Ancient Egyptian Tarot: The World, Justice, Princess of Disks

Aleister Crowley Deck: Knight of Cups, Dominion, Love

Healing Earth Tarot: Devil, Four of Shields, Five of Crystals

Words of Truth: Feeling, Hatred, Impeccability


As the seasons shift, the tides change, energetically and emotionally. You will learn if your preparations were adequate for the upcoming reality. It will be different for each person; your lessons call to you in your own unique ways. But just like Ant prepares all summer for the harsh times of winter, you, too, have been preparing in your own way to encounter the lessons necessary for the next level of your growth. In autumn, the energy of the plants moves down into the soil. Astrologically we are doing the same. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, money, love and abundance is moving into the depths of the underworld, Scorpio. Each of us is expanding into the darkness that we have been denying until the time is right to confront what the mind has suppressed.

It is time to get to the bottom of some major issues. What has been repressed and hidden will be revealed under the powerful fire of Jupiter’s light. Jupiter will add power, passion, determination and drive to the already fired up Scorpio tendency to want to get to the bottom of things and the “real” truth.

And there is great beauty in the regenerative power of Scorpio; after all, it is the sign of the phoenix rising out of the ashes. Yes, you are going to be reborn into a new reality. That is always a good thing though often progress comes at a cost.

I can’t help but to see the powerful synchronicity of the HBO series Game of Thrones and what is actually happening to us in the world. Winter is coming and those who did not want to believe are beginning to get on board. But is it too little …. too late? We are globally at a place that feels like the 11th hour. Can we consciously, powerfully and truthfully come together for the good of all and put the egos aside? I hope so. The world needs a powerful shift out of this toxic, consuming pattern. Perhaps it is perfect that Jupiter is going to expand the darkness and force us to see what we have not wanted to see.

Never has it been so important to listen to your intuition—to follow it and take action on those impulses. I know that many of those dreams and intuitive hits might seem ridiculous but take action anyway, especially if they do not hurt anyone else, or cause suffering to others. Make choices that are life affirming and bring a better awareness to your purpose and mission to this time of your life. All of us chose to be here in this moment. So don’t waste the energy and power as this cascade of emotion shifts the planetary trajectory to a new place, space and perception.

The winds of change are blowing. You can no longer ignore the prompting of nature telling you to prepare for a major shift in your realm of understanding and perspective.

The sleeping dragons within are awakening. Now is not the time to slay the dragon, but to embrace its power.

The Mayan Oracle (Cimi) tells us that something must die for new growth to happen. Externally, many things have been dying….old beliefs, governments, parties, policies. But you are here to be the connection between heaven and earth (Ben). You are here to allow that new growth to take hold on the scorched and flooded destruction of your old self.

Life is preparing to teach all of us that we need each other. That the illusion of separation is not going to be tolerated for much longer. We were never separate. We have all been on a spiritual journey together. Only by honoring the gifts that each of us carry can we find the “Holy Grail” of peace and compassionate understanding.

This month, be impeccable with your words and actions. Notice those who hate and call them out. Notice what you are feeling and tell the truth of those feelings with a soft and compassionate heart. Own your own triggers and grow those emotions up to a more mature place where they serve and do not harm others and the world.

Suzanne Wagner is the author of books and CDs on the tarot and creator of the Wild Women app. She lives in California, but visits Utah frequently.

This article was originally published on October 2, 2017.