Metaphors for the Month: June 2018

By Suzanne Wagner

The world needs you.

Osho Zen Tarot: Fighting, Slowing Down, Past Lives

Medicine Cards: Skunk, Butterfly, Coyote

Mayan Oracle: Dreamer and Dreamed, Organic Balance, Etznab

Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Empress, Six of Disks, Emperor

Aleister Crowley Deck: The Aeon, Ace of Cups, Prince of Wands

Healing Earth Tarot: Eight of Pipes, Eight of Crystals, Lovers

Words of Truth: Seeing, Intention, Receiving

This month, situations may feel strangely familiar. Perhaps we are bumping into a global time warp where past patterns are emerging through our DNA and delivering lessons that, in the past, were not completed properly.

You are being asked to reshape your world. Not to suit your own obvious desires but from a more selfless place; because the world needs your help now.

It’s a huge shift when your conscience becomes aware of the desperate need of this world rather than the suffering of its people. People, after all, create most of the suffering. But now, those terrible choices put this planet and its ability to support life in peril. It’s no longer about what you want but what serves all inhabitants of this incredible place.

Some people may grasp like a small child who throws a temper tantrum because it wants something it cannot have. Those on that level are about to get some tough lessons because we are now way past that type of selfish narcissism. And that is a good thing.

Humanity is waking up to the horrible truth that we have been trying to avoid. But that genie is out of the box and it is not going back in. So now we have to deal with the consequences of our own genetic choices, idiosyncrasies and belief systems.

Yes, you have been tricked and lied to. Yes, you knew better and now you have to awaken from a delusion that was more vast and complex than you wanted to realize. And yes, there is a huge transformation that will happen because of it.

You see with newly opened eyes. Those eyes may hurt because you’ve never used this particular “insight.” Your intention is redefining itself and you can see that certain shallow belief systems that had a positive intention now appear hollow and empty. And you are receiving a type of energetic transmission that is shifting the very core of your identity.

This causes a fighting response in some who are so stressed as they strive to have some control over the chaos. They react emotionally in order to feel heard.

Others respond by slowing way down. They drop into observation mode. They simplify and choose to not take on the emotional drama of others. They recognize that the only choice is to “know thyself” and to act only from a place of grounded clarity.

Both choices are based on what you need to be working on at this time to bring yourself into a more awakened place. When the mind tortures you, you are in a cage made of your own fears. It is always good to remind yourself to step beyond the egocentric patterns that you attached to as a reflection of your real self and recognize that the mind will always attempt to make a fool out of you, one way or the other. That is why you cannot trust the mind. It will eternally bend and twist circumstances in ways that makes you feel bad about yourself.

It is time to see the game your mind plays and have calm discernment over the ups and downs that the mind prefers to use to keep you off center. There is a deep love within every living thing. This is the energy that keeps this planet spinning on its axis. That love is so profound that if you have ever touched that place inside, you cannot ever look at anything the same way again afterwards.

You are such a powerful love that you can shift the reality quickly if you choose to move beyond the mind’s games and into becoming a voice of reason and understanding, love and compassion, truth and integrity. This world is screaming for all of those essential qualities from each of you. And you know it.

So now it is time to do something about that knowing. This planet needs you to move past fear and do what you know needs to be done. It is not about living and dying; it is about surviving or thriving.

Suzanne Wagner is the author of books and CDs on the tarot and creator of the Wild Women app. She lives in Califor­nia, but visits Utah frequently.

This article was originally published on May 31, 2018.