Metaphors for the Month: February 2018

By Suzanne Wagner

Do not hold back what you have to offer even if you feel as if what you offer is not enough.

Osho Zen Tarot: Healing, Innocence, Rebirth

Medicine Cards: Mountain Lion, Whale

Mayan Oracle: Caban, Center, Mystical Power

Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Five of Cups, Six of Disks,

Eight of Swords

Aleister Crowley Deck: Strength, Knight of Wands, Truce

Healing Earth Tarot: Man of Shields, Five of Shields

Words of Truth: Abandonment, Intimacy, Dullness


In this moment of 2018, a time of coldness and stillness, be grateful for what is. Accept what cannot be changed and look beyond the immediate future for your personal hope and satisfaction. Worrying will not change this situation. Times of such extreme dysfunction can catapult us into a new world.

You might have been expecting an article about the rekindling of love and romance this month. But right now it is more important to rekindle your own clarity, mystical power and personal center. From that place, you will have something authentic to give and share with the world. This is a time to reassess and restructure.

Many years ago, my sister and I were at Shanghi Teachers University where the beds were literally box springs on top of wood, covered with a slightly quilted cover. It felt like sleeping on a bouncy wood frame. Every morning at 5a.m., students got up and marched out onto the soccer field for exercise. The beds were so uncomfortable, the only thing you could do for your sanity was get up and get moving. Staying in that bed was torture.

Certain types of pain are designed to motivate you past disappointment and into positive action. You might notice how comfortably stuck and complacent you’ve been. But now, things are growing uncomfortable. At what point will you get up and get moving?

This month might feel just like that. Being still and not moving or changing is about to feel like torture. You will have to move just to feel better. You will have to do anything but stay asleep. You can’t hide your head in the sand. There is another way. But there is only one way: change.

Life is at a cosmic impasse. You cannot go the way you have always gone. That road is washed out and now a dead end. Problems might seem insurmountable but there are solutions. You just have to have the confidence to look for them. Personal desires are being repeatedly obstructed and interfered with. You are in a prison created by your mind based on the present circumstances. But what your mind believes is not necessarily real.

Step back from trying to figure it out and step forward into the dance that is emerging from your experience. I use the model of dance because through expressing what you feel inside, you feel less trapped on the outside. Expression is liberation. Trust that fate does have something worked out. Do not hold back what you have to offer even if you feel as if what you offer is not enough. When you give from a place of authenticity, your gift grows exponentially. The times ask for your efforts. Give from the place of joy in who and what you are. Give from the place of unconditional service and compassion. Give just because you have something to offer and that, in that moment, is and always will be enough.

Do not respond to aggression with more aggression. It is time to be the “crazy” warrior who goes into battle with no weapons, only a shield. You cannot get to where you wish to go through force of will. Only healing, trust, innocence and love have the power to balance out suffering and mayhem.

Self-doubt leads to self-pity. When you have strength and faith on the inside, you will move towards deeper intimacy and kindness. Anything else will not feel life-fulfilling. Anything that takes away centeredness, synergy, galactic alignment and a fluid world resonance is no longer acceptable. Learn to observe the present moment without drawing conclusions. A larger pattern is emerging and you can be a part of its unfolding. But your ticket to get on this boat is the ability to stay centered in the tumultuous waves of this storm of transformation. You cannot be afraid of the storm. You must learn to move and flow with the storm.

Suzanne Wagner is the author of books and CDs on the tarot and creator of the Wild Women app. She lives in California, but visits Utah frequently.

This article was originally published on January 31, 2018.