Metaphors for the Month: February 2017

By Suzanne Wagner

Intuitive patterns for the month.

Osho Zen Tarot: Moment to Moment, The Outsider, Ripeness

Medicine Cards: Dog, Buffalo, Opossum

Mayan Oracle: Complex Stability, Kan, Mystical Power

Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Six of Disks, Eight of Disks, Two of Disks

Aleister Crowley Deck: Success, Failure, Futility

Healing Earth Tarot: Six of Pipes, Man of Pipes, Eight of Feathers

Words of Truth: Multidimensional, Release, Fantasy Bond

Are any of us ready for the month at hand? Well, here we go…ready or not! This month many will feel helpless and lost in the Neptunian waters of the unseen world. Be aware that your fear of the unknown can add to the collective wave of drama and drag you into feelings of overwhelm and anxiety if you are not careful.

This month you must rely on your trust and faith in the Universe that, regardless of your feelings of loss, you are not a victim. This is an opportunity to rediscover your own sense of inner security and learn to depend on your inner soul essence. Don’t get me wrong: There will be a multitude of reflections of dysfunctional behaviors and addictive tendencies—others who are falling into victimhood. But you do not have to be one of them.

On February 26, a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces asks each of you to find some way to come back to a “cosmic oneness.” Your perception is being carefully inspected and analyzed. You are asked to really work on opening your third eye to see beyond the obvious external world and into the matrix of the subtle realms of your unconscious self, which is attempting to awaken and inspire you in very new ways.

Unfortunately, this eclipse is dissolving logic and reason into the timeless regions of the dream. Expect to feel lost and confused. Be aware that in such moments you are vulnerable to being manipulated by people more powerful than yourself.

It is essential to stay as grounded as possible this month. The huge energy waves of change continue to tear at the old shoreline of your reality, breaking it down and shaping it into a new pattern that will ultimately give you many new things to explore. This is happening to help you understand the interconnectedness of all life (and your part in that life) in a much deeper way than you ever expected. These waves of change are hugely transformative.

It is normal to feel helpless when you are in waters of an unseen and uncharted world. Do not despair.

This is a month where your best friend is going to be a great therapist, teacher, confessor, healer, bodyworker, psychic or astrologer. The healers in the metaphysical arts are there to help keep your energy strong and your anxiety to a minimum.

If you are an artist, you might find an inner “muse” awaken and move you in a new direction where your creativity can be expressed.

This month you stop waiting for the perfect moment to open. It’s just time to open. You may not feel ready but some part of you will feel compelled to take that leap.

You may often feel as if you are an extra in someone else’s movie. But that can be the motivation that allows you to stay fully present. Each moment holds a key to your next move. You will not be given all the pieces of the puzzle at once. This is the beginning of a powerful spiritual treasure hunt.

It is important to surround yourself with those you consider the most loyal and sincere for your journey. Surround yourself with those who will be supportive, and whom you can support, in this amazing time of transition.

You may not know what’s going to happen but you do know that this time is unlike any time you’ve ever experienced. Some moments you may wish to hide and protect yourself and your dream; other moments, it may feel safe to be out in the world.

This month you will give your love because it is the right thing to do. A mystical power is attempting to awaken within and shine out into the world. Even though the world is going to be very complicated, it’s still time to open into this unknown world.

Yes, there will be fear. Yes, you will wobble and feel unsure and unstable at times. And yes, the old dream was shot out of the sky. But you can create a new dream. And perhaps that old dream was simply a vehicle to get you to another place and to see another…better…choice.

Let the old dream go. See the fantasy for what it really was—an illusion. It’s time to get down and do what needs to get done. It’s going to be a lot of work. But it is best to commit to that work now.

Set your intention in the direction that is clearly being pointed out by the Universe. That direction indicates that you have to depend on yourself and those closest to you. You must be a human angel listening to the highest angelic waves of love and truth, feeling a more powerful compassion and generosity than you have ever experienced yet in this life.

That is how we are going to get through this year. That is how we are going to get to the next level of this evolution of humanity. Each person holds a key to that potential. Take this month to begin to learn what your personal gifts and talents can contribute to this matrix. I know you have more to offer and give than you presently recognize.

Suzanne Wagner is the author of books and CDs on the tarot and creator of the Wild Women app. She lives in California, but visits Utah frequently.

This article was originally published on January 30, 2017.