Metaphors: July’s Big Decisions

By Suzanne Wagner

First, decide to be present in your life.
-by Suzanne Wagner
Arthurian Tarot: Camlann, Four of Spears
Mayan Oracle: Universal Movement, Rhythm
Aleister Crowley: Interference, The Magus, Lust
Medicine Cards: Mountain Lion, Otter
Osho Zen Tarot: Postponement, Participation
Healing Earth Tarot: Temperance, Woman of Rainbows, Ten of Pipes
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: The High Priestess, Princess of Cups
Words of Truth: Immortality, Power, Alignment

The heat of July also heats up great conflict within the world arena. Tremendous discontent creates oppositions that divide countries, including our own.

Nothing will be simple about the 2008 election. At home, the political race will challenge each person to find candidates that truly reflect their inner feelings and direction. This oppositional energy continues to fuel an underlying animosity that has the potential to become all-out conflict, spilling into other areas of our lives. So keep your temper in check; listen and think before you speak and act.

Strife and division within communities may make every decision feel as if it has the potential for disaster. Tensions will remain high as the continued clash of ideas breaks down the old order to make way for something new. The old way has exhausted its energy and finally gives way to a new era.

As this past cycle collapses, it may seem at first that recognizable progress is delayed. The continued upset may leave everyone feeling insecure, worried and feeling the financial strain. Yet, diligence and hard work will eventually be rewarded.

The process of life requires us to participate with others in creating something greater and more wonderful than we could alone. When we truly participate in life, it nourishes us and awakens us from selfishness and boredom. We have the opportunity to contribute something of ourself into the greater wholeness that desires to emerge.

Become more aware of those who philosophize about the truth but do not actually participate in creating change. When people get caught up in philosophy, they look only through the eyes of the speculative mind. Only through our own experiences can we understand others and what is important to them.

When you allow yourself to have the full experience of each moment in your life, something amazing happens. You find your own rhythm and passion. Life becomes full. We open to our gifts and abilities, which might have lain dormant for years. Choosing to participate activates our inner child's wonder and enthusiasm for life and the fun that can be contained in each moment.

When you actually participate in your life, there are no delays or postponements. If you are present in the moment and do not allow the mind's criticisms and timetables to interfere with decisions, life is full and colorful in the now.

This month take a look at the decisions you need to make. Do yourself a favor and make them. Delay only creates feelings of incompletion and stuckness. Tomorrow will not be better than today. You will not be stronger or smarter unless you decide to participate and grow into the life that is right there waiting for you to claim.

Make an effort to be present in your body and experience everything around you while on vacation or just in your normal day. Decide to fully engage life. Reclaim the magic and passion that makes life worth living. Align with the power of life itself. In feeling it, you can ultimately find yourself. 

Suzanne Wagner is the author of numerous books and CDs on the tarot. She lives in Salt Lake City.

This article was originally published on June 28, 2007.