Metaphors, Regulars and Shorts

Metaphors for the Month: Treasure the Moment

By Suzanne Wagner

Space for creation.
by Suzanne Wagner

Osho Zen Tarot: No-Thingness, Schizophrenia, Traveling

Medicine Cards: Buffalo Deer

Mayan Oracle: Chuen, Organic Balance

Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Strength, Princess of Wands, Three of Cups

Aleister Crowley Deck: Queen of Disks, Prince of Swords, The Aeon

Healing Earth Tarot: Three of Feathers, Two of Shields, Seven of Crystals

Words of Truth: Life, Learning Experience, Shame, Intimacy

July begins with the uncertainty that comes with a vastly changing landscape. Questions abound: “Should I stay or go? What’s next on my path? What am I to do? What if I make a wrong choice?”

These questions have been there for months. Now, after the heightened intensity of last month, we are dealing with feelings of discomfort. But it is only uncomfortable because you are neither here nor there. You are not coming or going. We are all in the space in between realities. When you do not know what to do, then you just wait and ask for clarity. It is the waiting that really gets to us. We are so used to knowing and having a schedule to stick to. We have had the incredible luxury for many years of feeling certain as to where we were going, who we were, and what was around the next corner. Life had become comfortably predictable.

We are not there now.

This is a disorienting time. For some, it’s downright scary. We do not know what to hold on to. It may feel like there is not even a hint from the universe as to which way to go.

Before big changes in our reality, there is always a pause—a moment to reflect, to breathe, and to relax. There really is nothing else to do. Treasure this moment because this is the moment of creation. We are in the gap, the void between realities. This is the most powerful place of all, the place of creation itself.

Those of you who have been so consistently working on yourself internally, spiritually, emotionally, monetarily and physically: We need your wisdom, presence and clarity right now. Step out of your own concerns and lend a hand to the manifestation of the greater reality that is being born. You do not need to know the way personally for you to contribute to the greater pattern unfolding. We are stepping out of the personal into something bigger.

We need to get very real with this moment and see it for what it is. No judgment. Just observation. We cannot change things that we will not look completely at with objective eyes. We must look at the suffering of others and find a way to do something different. This is not about fixing things. It is about changing patterns in our mind.

The past is past. Let go of anger, resentment, the rigid hold on old feelings of security and safety. Life was never any safer than it is right now. We are not really in charge. Something divine is guiding all of us.

Listen very closely— you just might hear a voice that is not your ego. This voice sounds very different from the one that has been running in your head for months. It is a voice of the divine speaking softly to the hearts and minds of all of us, asking us to trust, to stretch out of our comfort zone, and to allow a possibility of emerging with grace and dignity.

Acceptance is a great lesson to learn.

Acceptance is not about giving up. It is about getting real and completely present in this moment. Truth is an illusion based on each person’s experiences and beliefs. There are many truths. Fighting over who is right or wrong will not get us anywhere. We need to lend our truth and perspective to the matrix and allow all the puzzle pieces to be on one table together. Then we have to find where our piece fits into this new emerging pattern, or not. If your piece does not fit right now, that does not mean it will never fit. Do not force your piece to fit where it does not. That, again, is acceptance. Your time will come.

Accept what you feel as true in this moment for you. Tomorrow will be different. Change is constant. You will be called upon soon enough. Realize that sometimes when nothing is changing outside, there may be something big changing inside. That internal shift will make your external also shift.

There is no destination, anyway. If you got “there,” you would just have to start over again. The final destination of this life is to let go of everything you own, everything you believe you are, and your very body. You will have to surrender your life and trust a bigger pattern regardless.

That is why we have these moments: to practice acceptance and trust. Pour your life force into the grid of creation that is attempting to birth this new thing into being. You do that by intending it. When you feel centered, close your eyes and choose to give energy to those who you trust and to the patterns that you believe hold the keys to a more balanced and authentic reality.

When I am feeling uncertain, that is what I do; I still know I have energy to contribute. When I do not know what to do for myself, it often is because I am not supposed to be using the energy for myself but for a greater good. Then I feel into the moment and when I feel compelled and inspired, I move in that direction. Until that moment, I just send pleasure, joy, love, acceptance and compassion into the big pot of energetic soup in the void of creation and I trust that the divine does have a plan and does appreciate the offering of my heart.

Sometimes through my experience I can feel that I am pulling negative energies off the planet with my love and compassion. As I observe the suffering, accept it, love and hold it in a place of compassion and trust, I feel a doorway opening and a flow begin to happen. In accepting that moment, it moves through me and off the planet to be transformed into the next thing. But if you are not present, the suffering can unground you and you can fall into the despair that you are trying to release.

So trust yourself. Trust that your energy can and does contribute to the whole. Bring your presence and awareness solidly into this moment. Your focused presence is a great contribution to the unfolding reality. 

Suzanne Wagner is the author of numerous books and CDs on the tarot.

This article was originally published on June 27, 2012.