Metaphors for the Month: Together

By Suzanne Wagner

Accept help from others now; build inner strength to withstand storms on the horizon

Osho Zen Tarot:  Stress, We are the World, The Dream

Medicine Cards: Spider, Hummingbird, Porcupine

Mayan Oracle: Men, New Myth, Complex Stability

Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Prince of Wands, Justice, Ten of Cups

Aleister Crowley Deck: Ruin, Futility, Ace of Wands

Healing Earth Tarot:  Four of Crystals, Grandmother of Rainbows, Death

Words of Truth:  Disappointment, Inappropriate Relationship, Resolution

The astrology will continue to intensify as we move into the summer. Things that were once familiar will feel as if they have died. We walk in an unfamiliar world where the old rules no longer apply and uncertainty is the dominant state of being.

The key is to know how to handle such stress: Understand now that you will not be able to do it alone. You will need the help of others. That is why all forms of healing are inclusive. It should seem obvious that to heal, you need more than just yourself.

Sometimes you might need the Divine to help. That is where insight to guides and angels is essential.

Other times your soul needs connection and literal physical energy in order to heal. That is where all healers come into great demand. There are moments when you do not have enough of your own life force energy to heal and you need more energy than you presently have in your body.

Then there are moments when you just need to be heard, to be witnessed and fully felt. You need the heart connection and understanding from someone who deeply loves and cares for you.

This month, notice what type of healing is calling to you and then actively go in that direction. You do not have to do this alone. You have others who understand and know what you are feeling. Learn to let others in. Learn to feel into what it means to co-exist with everyone and everything in this world. It could be something that saves you on many levels.

So this month is complicated—complex enough that you finally know you can’t do it alone. So begins an opening into new possibilities.

If we can all come together for a common good, there will be no stopping us. Deep inside each person is a good soul who is searching for its own goodness and for ways to express that in the world.

We may not have the skills to do it well or with finesse. We may be compelled by something within that believes what we seek externally is what will fulfill us internally. However, it’s really the other way around.

This month realize that when you first seek within yourself, you will attract those people who want to create a similar manifestation. You may have to let go of needing a “special” title. But realize that nothing of greatness was accomplished alone.

May begins a set of waves that indicate a huge storm is on the horizon. If you are perceptive, you may have seen this coming for a while.

The cards indicate that something has been woven in time and space: a web of deception. We seek signs for the direction of resolution, but see nothing. No indications, no signs, no clarity.

At least not yet.

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This article was originally published on May 2, 2020.