Metaphors for the Month: Stay atop the waves

By Suzanne Wagner

A tarot reading for CATALYST readers.
by Suzanne Wagner.
Arthurian Tarot: Bedivere, Evalach’s Shield
Mayan Oracle: Rhythm, Dissonance, Etznab
Aleister Crowley: Change, Pleasure, Truce
Medicine Cards: Blank Shield, Weasel, Turtle
Osho Zen Tarot: Transformation, Trust, Sorrow
Healing Earth Tarot: Man of Rainbows, Six of Pipes, Ace of Shields
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Ten of Disks, King of Swords, Ace of Cups
Words of Truth: Resolution, Evolution, Integrity

If you’ve been waiting for a break in the recent intensity, your wait is over. At least for a minute or so. But at this point, any respite comes with a huge feeling of gratitude and relief.

This is a tremendously transformative time. The waves of change are getting bigger and bigger—and you might as well learn to surf.

Think back in time, say, five years ago. What were you doing then? Think about all you are doing now. You’ll quickly notice that you’ve grown a lot and have many more coping skills. What would have frightened you then does not seem so difficult now. This growth curve is going to continue. Don’t panic! Just give yourself the time to adapt and learn how to ride these big waves of consciousness. After all, what is life if there are not a few thrills along the way?

July brings with it great gains and positive shifts for the financial picture. Thank the stars! There seems to be a trend toward prosperity and lucrative business adventures. But stay alert—there are still some rocky moments ahead, and you might want to tuck away some extra for when you might really need it in 2010. Nonetheless, this current financial relief will allow you to relax a bit and feel more freedom and confidence.

Proceed with integrity. Create clear structures and strategies. Ask others for advice and be willing to listen to their perspective, even if it is not in agreement with your own. Plan out the next year. Find the rhythm that will work for you. Note where the darker aspects within your life might just rear up their heads and surprise you. Be willing to break down your own illusions; that is why listening to those who are wiser and more skilled than you is a real asset.

Become more and more present to ever-changing circumstances; do not fall into complacency, lest you get slammed by the next wave.

Know that those waves are not hitting you to hurt you. They are hitting you to make you more conscious of the parts within that you cannot see clearly. Whatever is the problem, know that it’s just a reflection of a suppressed aspect. People and situations that trigger us only do so because we are either in resistance to the truth they represent or we hold qualities of that person or situation that are unloved and un-integrated within us.

The question is: “How do I learn to love and honor all the reflections of life around me?” I try to take one small step at a time. Years ago, I figured out that if I said, “thank you” silently when I noticed someone who triggered me and “I love you,” also silently, I would notice that people would viscerally shift their energy. Now I add at the beginning, “I am sorry….” and fill in the rest of the sentence. Then, “Thank you.” And finally, “I love you.”

This is a great way to practice integrating the mirrors and triggers within our lives. When I say these words silently, people feel accepted, understood and loved. The energy goes out from me and they finally can let go of the negative mirror they might even believe is true.

We all feel the same feelings. We all experience love and loss. We all are trying our very best, even if some of those patterns are really dysfunctional; we might be unable to see it until we make ourselves miserable enough to change. So as I learn how to have compassion for others, I learn how to have compassion for my disowned archetypes within.

When you have a fixed belief about anything and when you are convinced you are right, remember there are as many viewpoints as there are possible experiences. Each of us is shaped by our experiences in life and the choices we’ve made along the way. Judgment and acceptance are opposite sides of the same mirror.

As you learn to love others, you will learn to accept yourself. They you will create space within you for others to have their experiences and not judge them for their karmic lessons or struggles. When you learn to release and forgive, you will learn to see your own soul more clearly. u

Suzanne Wagner is the author of numerous books and CDs on the tarot. She lives in Salt Lake City.

This article was originally published on June 29, 2009.