Metaphors for the Month: September 2009

By Suzanne Wagner

Navigating in rough waters.
by Suzanne Wagner

Arthurian Tarot: Uther, Morgause
Mayan Oracle: Organic Balance, Cib, Akbal
Aleister Crowley: Knight of Cups, The Tower, Completion
Medicine Cards: Snake, Otter, Blank Shield
Osho Zen Tarot: Sharing, Going with the Flow, Postponement
Healing Earth Tarot: Man of Rainbows, Ace of Rainbows, Five of Wands
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Sun, Star, Five of Wands
Words of Truth: Inappropriate Place, Commitment, Death, Success


If you have not already made some radical changes in August, September will be a major shift in your reality. Astrologically major events will shake the financial foundations once again.

Anyone who reads my column regularly knows I am not the psychic of gloom and doom. But the universe tends to teach lessons in trends or patterns and unfortunately we are deeply in one at this time.

This pattern began September 2008. It is the luck of the draw that some upsets are scheduled to happen during this month in the cosmic dance of transformation for our consciousness.

Part of navigating challenging times is about being prepared and staying awake to shifting tides. This is one of those moments. Global breakdowns will either deepen or darken your emotional outlook.

I prefer to become deeper.

When I am challenged, I reach into my center and realign my priorities. I become brutally honest as to what will or will not work for me. There is tremendous freedom when you finally realize that, in the end, it’s what you’ve given to others that gives you the energy to evolve and shift to higher levels of awareness.

So when externals in my life get crazy, I look to what will allow me to find balance within and share that balance with others. Sometimes this requires a calculated delay of getting a particular outcome.

That does not mean that I won’t get what I want but I might have to move at a slower pace based on the environment and circumstances of my life at this time. It is in those moments that I have learned to not fight the flow of life but to allow the flow to organically take me where it wants to lead me. Often my head is fighting the whole way but I have learned that my mind is not necessarily the most enlightened and conscious part of my reality. It is my mind that can consistently delay enlightenment by getting me caught up in desires, resentments or incompletions.

Do yourself a favor this month: Do not give your mind a lot of energy or it might just make you panic. Instead, look at what you know is not working appropriately and just choose to commit to a new pattern.

Yes, I know it may feel horrible, scary, and as if you are dying.

When that happens, you will know that you are successfully disengaging from your ego mind. I know my ego will try anything to keep me in the patterns of the past. But I am not my experience and I am not my DNA. Neither are you. So what do you want to trust? Your habits and heartaches or your soul’s potential to grow and evolve into your true self?

Yes, it will be challenging for a bit. But the good news is that you are not alone. Earth is leaping into totally unknown patterns of evolution and everyone is in the same boat.

In sharing your experiences, you will find that the fear lets go just enough so you can see new potential. Anything new is uncomfortable at the beginning. Find the passion you hold within and feel into situations rather than try to figure everything out. Find pleasure in the free flow and new movement. Realize that even in chaos there are patterns of organic balance that can lead you to realizations and awakenings. You are all beings of light that have chosen to have this experience at this most amazing time, to grow and to assist others in awakening through the sharing of your knowledge and experience. Doing so allows this new awareness to move into the grace of wisdom.

Suzanne Wagner is the author of numerous books and CDs on the tarot. She lives in Salt Lake City.



This article was originally published on August 29, 2009.