Metaphors for the Month: September 2008

By Suzanne Wagner

Working together to transform the globe.
by Suzanne Wagner
Arthurian Tarot: The Hanged Man, The Sun
Mayan Oracle: Transparency, Caban
Aleister Crowley: Prince of Cups, The Magus, Cruelty
Medicine Cards: Otter, Butterfly, Beaver
Osho Zen Tarot: Sharing, Laziness, The Master
Healing Earth Tarot: Tower, Five of Rainbows, Three of Rainbows
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Three of Swords, The Hermit
Words of Truth: Intention, Resentment, Incompletion, Resolution

Transformations are at hand in a myriad of ways this month.  Energetically, we may feel as if we are suffering and at a low point.  There will be moments of loss and despair.  Those moments can be openings when we let go of our ego and the positions to which we have been so desperately clinging.

The past perspective has dried up like old tears and now the only choice is change. The moment that we choose the change something magical happens. Hope springs forth, and we become more open to options that we had not been willing to consider.

Suffering and the feeling that we must give things up can be turned into a force of manifestation that can bring hope for a better future. Each of us would be willing to give a little if we knew that in the end something better would come about for all.

This is the global choice that the world is facing. We are not separate. We are all one heart. Each of us has an impact on all the others. Now we must learn to find new ways to let go of our selfishness and immaturity. It is time to learn how to work together and ultimately serve everyone.  It is a doable goal. We have the capacity. It will take time, effort, and money but the end results will be incredible. Just think what our world would be like if all the energy we needed was coming from the sun. Imagine a world where everyone had access to the technology that would simplify life, minimize suffering, and create opportunities.

In September, we can begin to come to that realization. When we are challenged, we are required to open up parts of our brains that can think outside the box. Intuition and psychic abilities can become more attuned and heightened because of the need to stay more alert to situations that are beyond our control.

Work without inspiration, goals, and dreams can become painful and feel meaningless. Now is the time to look beyond our self and open to a goal that is larger than our personal narrow perspective. When you really have a dream and are willing to go for it, it creates tremendous joy and energy. Then the work does not seem so difficult, in fact it can become play. Even the obstacles and challenges are not really a problem. They are just one more puzzle to solve in the constant evolution of this dream.

Share your dreams with others. Get inspired to move in any direction your soul feels compelled to move. Know when to take breaks, as we are all human and everyone needs moments of rest and relaxation.

Look to your intentions and notice in what areas you feel unresolved and incomplete. Let go of past resentments. Resentment often comes from suppressed fears from past moments when you thought that you might have done something wrong but were afraid to show weakness or be seen as incorrect. Being resentful pushes others away and keeps you safe in your illusion. But it also keeps you stuck and alone.

So this month let go of the past completely. Be willing to embrace the potential and light that you hold within. You might find out that you are emerging like a butterfly from a chrysalis. You can become something of great beauty through all the toil and effort. Even the stuck moments from your past might have been perfect to allow for the inner growth and unfolding that you are now manifesting.

Suzanne Wagner is the author of numerous books and CDs on the tarot. She lives in Salt Lake City.

This article was originally published on September 1, 2008.