Metaphors, Regulars and Shorts

Metaphors for the Month: Resistance is Futile!

By Suzanne Wagner

Breathe and relax!
by Suzanne Wagner


Osho Zen Tarot: Creativity, Mind, Beyond Measure
Medicine Cards: Hummingbird, Opossum, Raven
Mayan Oracle: Rhythm, Portal of Transcendence, Transparency
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Magician, Three of Disks, Hanged Man
Aleister Crowley Deck: Art, Prudence, Cruelty
Healing Earth Tarot: Strength, Ten of Crystals, Seven of Pipes
Words of Truth: Sacrifice, Hatred, Core Movement

Get ready! Here we go into the Grande Trine in Water on June 25. This once-in-a-lifetime astrological aspect will last until July 1, 2014. If you are a water sign (Pisces, Scorpio or Cancer), you’re in your element. The rest of us might feel as if we are being thrown into the deep end of the pool. “Surrender” is going to be a great mantra for a while.

Now is the time to learn to swim. Dive deep into the emotional, intuitive, creative and artistic self! You are once again at another series of doorways designed to open the mind to new possibilities.

Look at how your perspective has changed since 2008. You are probably in places that you never thought you would ever go. Adaptability is the key, but it has been a difficult and sometimes hard-won skill.

In the much bigger picture of reality, we are all being pulled into the lessons of Neptune in Pisces. The children being born from 2012 through 2025 are likely to usher in a new age of spiritual growth, understanding and compassion. They will bring with them a desire for humanity to let go of hatred, anger and resentment toward others who are different. Neptune in this position wants to create balance and point out social injustices. But in doing this, it creates upheavals and crisis (which we have been experiencing).

We are all being called look into the unfathomable limitlessness of life and time. To do that, we have to let go of the small “I.” We are being asked to step into a level of core movement that we have not previously felt in this lifetime. We are becoming a global consciousness of many voices and one heart.

Internally we are being called to dissolve, unify and release the places where our beliefs keep us in suffering. We are being asked to come together as one. But to do that externally, first we need to know how to do that internally.

Do you feel more loving to yourself now than you did in 2008? Hopefully the answer is “Yes!” In many ways the coming of this Grande Trine in Water has washed away all things that do not truly belong to us. We are coming back to our core self stripped of ego and pretense, prejudice and judgment.

During this month of June, we are finding a new rhythm and flow—our fluid, adaptable self. We are together transcending the old beliefs and recognizing the presence of a greater power at work.

Can you hear the Sirens of the ocean calling you into the creative dance of love? Are you willing to find the place of strength within (but perhaps not in the way that you used to see strength)?

Strength, now, is about navigating the flow, since we are going to be riding this water wave for a while. The game is flow not fight. Come from a place understanding rather than from needing to be right.

When we learn to be patient, we will see that eventually the drop of water in the sky falls into the lake, that flows into the river to eventually become one with the ocean. With that organic understanding, we see there is no need to struggle or rush. The cosmic flow of all things is perfect and we are all in this together.

Within you is a knowing of your highest potential. Breathe and trust. Relax into the flow and you will not be harmed. There is no need to resist. The energy of change is upon us and it is going to be divine. Stay present and enjoy this new world. You don’t want to miss a moment of the synchronicity. The universal divine plan is unfolding and what a gift that we can begin to see our roles in this amazing journey.

This article was originally published on May 29, 2013.