Metaphors for the Month: October 2009

September 30, 2009

Suzanne Wagner

Change and transformation.
by Suzanne Wagner

Arthurian Tarot: Five of Spears, Nine of Shields, Eight of Shields
Mayan Oracle: Manik, Transformer, Center
Aleister Crowley: The Empress, The Chariot, Change
Medicine Cards: Coyote, Blank Shield
Osho Zen Tarot: Guilt, Postponement, Stress
Healing Earth Tarot: The Sun, Two of Shields,Four of Shields
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Princess of Swords, Seven of Disks, Nine of Cups
Words of Truth: Original Cause, Lying, Choice, Brilliance

With October we begin another dynamic cycle of change and transformation. The question becomes, “What do we really want?”

The answer we give reflects where we are in our life and what we are attempting to discover and grow toward. If you are feeling trapped by circumstances, this month might feel as if that restriction is being magnified. If you are able to keep your center and not go ballistic when stressed, then you can feel transformed and propelled into new places.

It is up to you. You are at choice as to how you experience your reality.

Most of us, when we are triggered, fall into a victim pattern and pull ourselves down into despondency and suffering. Yet, suffering is a choice in the mind. You can choose to experience life without the mantel of suffering. Life is not trying to make you miserable or feel badly about yourself. Life is just life. Life is a chaotic flow of energy that is constantly fluctuating and showing us how to stay present in this moment. Despite what we think we know and understand about life, there is always something new to explore, learn and integrate.

Choose now to let go of the old patterns of knowledge that you think are true. Stay open to new levels of awareness coming into your space and perception. Let go of the disappointments from the past and focus on gratitude for what is in your life right now. Learn to appreciate your gifts and tools that you carry within. We often do not fully appreciate our natural talents because they are easy for us. They do not seem important because they are automatic. Yet to others they can be profound.

Take a moment to tell others what you see as their gifts and talents. Ask them what they see as your gifts and talents. You might be surprised as to what you discover others see within you. Do not minimize their words. Take them to heart and know that in this moment they are true. Allow that awareness to deepen your appreciation for yourself and the being within you that is always giving a gift.

You might feel as if there are some delays this month in your life. You want things to be completed. But October is a phase of change, not completion. It is a month of unpredictable patterns and events. So keep it simple and nurture those you love; allow family and home to be the priority.

Globally you will see moments of mass confusion and disorganization. This causes a new dedication to the cause and a reassessing of old methods, allowing for a new approach to the old problem. All of us need to calmly focus and redirect scattered energies toward one goal. Anything worth the effort often takes more than one attempt to find its place and to take hold. Important issues that are confronting governments and countries are no different.

Focusing your energies on work and home is paramount now; it brings satisfaction when you have a modest attitude toward your accomplishments.

Look to how you can experience gratitude and appreciation for the process of work. Learning to appreciate the simple things in life leads to happiness. We often make the mistake believing our big goals and dreams are what lead to fulfillment. Those things can be a way our egos get fed but our hearts may not feel loved and appreciated. It is the small things in life that give us great joy. These will eventually become the good ol’ days. What will you remember?

See the love in your life, right now. Tell those you love how much you appreciate them. Then see the light radiate and the brilliance of their souls expand as they are finally seen as the beings of love and consciousness that they truly are. In this small way we give each other hope and energy that allows us to continue along life’s path.

Ultimately you must believe in yourself, your heart, and your ability to adapt and learn in this constantly changing equation of life. In appreciating others, you learn to appreciate yourself in new and interesting ways.

I hope you have a transformative month.

Suzanne Wagner is the author of numerous books and CDs on the tarot. She lives in Salt Lake City.