Metaphors for the Month: October 2008

By Suzanne Wagner

by Suzanne Wagner Arthurian Tarot: Uther, The Star
Mayan Oracle: Realm Shift, Center,
Organic Balance
Aleister Crowley: Defeat, Prince of Disks,
The Fool
Medicine Cards: Ant, Blank Shield, Lizard
Osho Zen Tarot: Adventure, Healing, The Miser
Healing Earth Tarot: Five of Rainbows, Grandmother of Wands, Nine of Feathers
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Three of Cups, Ace of Swords, Princess of Cups
Words of Truth: Female, Unknown, Mind,
Ecstasy, Inspiration

October heralds a time of rest, rebirth, and opportunity. Everyone will feel a rejuvenation of the spirit after the past few traumatic and trying months. You will feel as if your head has cleared and you can take a deep breath. You are seeing a broader vision for the future that you could not have conceived of previously. As tumultuous as it has been, something within has solidified around the new you that you are becoming. With this fresh center, a great wave of relief and relaxation expands your perception.

Past fears that kept you from moving toward this new possibility are finally behind, and there is a sense of understanding the whole picture. You can look with grace and humor upon the uptight pattern you used to be in.

The storm clouds seem to have passed, and now you can see the stars and comets overhead clearly, indicating a calm and fresh viewpoint. This encourages you to take heart and have hope and faith in the days to come. The cobwebs of the mind are clearing. This is a good time to contemplate your future.

Some of you may need to be still and recognize that past unfulfilling relationships, projects or partnerships are ending. This emerging flow of energy makes it seem less stressful. It is finally the right time to jump. Hurt is healing, and the rainbows of hope are returning.

Even though this is a month of expansion and progress, everyone must be aware of those who want to use trickery or corruption to divide loyalties and create unrest. This is also not a time to take unwise financial risks. Many things are in flux, so carefully weigh your options before deciding on new directions.

Take the time to dream, sleep, and have a new appreciation for yourself and all of those who have assisted in this expansion that is happening. We all need each other. None of us can do it alone. We are all one heart. Yet learning how to share that heart deeply with others can be quite terrifying because deep vulnerability comes with expressing your deepest self.

Others may not understand, but if you do not try to give all that you are to this planet and those you love, you will die feeling unfulfilled.

So let go of the mind and open to the unknown potential within you. You will find the inspiration and ecstasy that you seek to embody while on this planet.

You can find your center within the patterns of creative chaos, but you must let go of what you think you know and open to possibilities that have up to this point been beyond your awareness. There is so much knowledge and information available if you fully embrace the adventure that is possible with your life.

In this domain we often mistake the masculine patterns of structure within the mind as the only way through which to have control. But there are other ways. Feminine, creative magic can make life amazingly wonderful if you will give it a chance.

So enjoy this moment. Breathe into this new space and trust that it will lead you in a direction that will bring you more joy and love.

Suzanne Wagner is the author of numerous books and CDs on the tarot. She lives in Salt Lake City.

This article was originally published on September 30, 2008.