Metaphors for the Month: October 2007

By Suzanne Wagner

Reevaluate dreams and fantasies; get real and give your love in all you do.
by Suzanne Wagner
Arthurian Tarot: The Chariot, The Questing Beast
Mayan Oracle: Manik, Transformer
Aleister Crowley: Lovers, Strife, Failure
Medicine Cards: Turtle
Osho Zen Tarot: Going with the Flow, Moment to Moment
Healing Earth Tarot: Six of Feathers, Two of Shields
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Queen of Wands, Fool, Eight of Disks
Words of Truth: Mind, Boundaries, Self Obsessed, Understanding

October creates a need to re-evaluate the desires and dreams of the past objectively. These desires may be quite sincere, but October's energy brings many bizarre events that result in disorientation and confusion. Fantasy must be tempered with practicality and grounded perspective. Tensions grow when energy moves this way, so it is important to be in the moment and make subtle adjustments as you go along. Your plans may not pan out the way you expected.

The ability to stay present with such chaotic life force is a tremendous skill worth learning and integrating. In the Mayan calendar period of Cauac, we must make subtle shifts as increased energy expands our understanding and awareness. We entered Cauac in August 1988; it lasts until approximately 2011. In this time called the quickening, consciousness expands and the speed of society increases, requiring us to accommodate the tremendous energy.

The development of new technology in the past 20 years is just one example of both expanding awareness and increasing speed. Computers and electronic gadgets are infinitely more varied and complex. Information is being shared at a previously unknown rate. We all feel increased pressure to do more and more. Learning to sort truth and worthwhile causes from imaginations and fantasies is a great challenge this month.

The cards also indicate a potential conflict in the Middle East between various governmental, political and religious forces surrounding Iraq. We may see Iran and Saudi Arabia begin to joust for more powerful positions within the Iraq conflict. Balancing this energy will feel like navigating a canoe in rapids. Canoes do not work well in rapids.  They do better in flat lake water. This situation will require the strength of a buffalo and the agility of a deer. It will require a tremendous effort with no guarantees, and guarantees are what the U.S. people want at this politically charged time.

October is highly transformative, but we will need to use all the tools available to us to navigate these treacherous waters. We also need to keep our hearts intact and open to sharing and giving love to others. 

Ask yourself, "What can I do this month to show and express my love to everyone?" Take notice of everything you do, and become aware of your subtle actions that show your love and caring. Also be aware of ways you do not allow that love and caring to be received and perceived by others.

If every action were a reflection of your love and devotion to your family and all humanity, how would you energetically give that gift? How would you move through life if everything you did could show your caring and sensitivity to everyone around you? What would it take for you to become that present even if others are suffering and not receiving you?

You would be so aware of your being and know your truth and intent so completely that you would be unafraid of what others might think. You would be able to make those small adjustments and feel your love moving through every action and word.

Give it a try this month-see if you can become more of who you really are. Find those ways to express and share that totality with others. If we could get 1% of the world to become more aware of giving their gifts and love, what a wonderful place Earth could become. It could inspire everyone.

Suzanne Wagner is the author of numerous books and CDs on the tarot. She lives in Salt Lake City.

This article was originally published on September 30, 2007.