Metaphors for the Month: November 2016

By Suzanne Wagner

Intuitive patterns for November 2016.

Osho Zen Tarot: Fighting, Existence

Medicine Cards: Blank Shield, Fox

Mayan Oracle: Organic Balance, Ben, New Myth

Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Princess of Disks, Princess of Wands, The Empress

Aleister Crowley Deck: Ace of Cups, Sorrow, Success

Healing Earth Tarot: Seven of Rainbows, Woman of Feathers, Man of Crystals

Words of Truth: Manipulation, Individuation, Original Cause


Regardless of who you are favoring for the election, know that the losers will be very disappointed. Nonetheless I’m hoping that finally we can all choose to work together. Life is about learning to take what the universe offers and then making something unique and special out of it.

This month, the cards indicate that it is time to put aside the petty fighting and look to the larger world issues that affect not just us but all of life on this planet. Together we can create a world of potential for our families but we have to hold hands to do that.

Take a look at what you’ve been doing to justify your feelings. Instead of manipulating, why not just feel your feelings all the way through until they get to the bottom of what you are afraid of seeing inside of you? Projection is always about a disowned internal part that is trying to get our attention. This last year, many of us have had to take a hard look at who we thought we were and who we might actually be. For some of us that was a difficult wake-up call but one that was essential for our growth and development.

Learn when to speak and when to listen; when to observe and allow others to reveal his or her deeper intent. Listening is an art that takes trust and self-confidence. Listening takes patience. Listening requires you to be fully with the other person and not think about how to respond. Observation is essential to find truth. Step out of yourself and step into another person’s perspective, ideas and expression. You will always learn much more that way.

Many of the cards this month refer to the need to retreat, withdraw, observe or focus on compassion for yourself, first, as you are on a sacred journey into the deepest places of your soul. Neptune is in Pisces until 2028 and that  will give each of us an opportunity to dive deep and discover the hidden treasures and resources that are available if we are willing to face the fear of the unknown. It is difficult to let the past go. It is even more difficult to let go of the stories of the past that you have been telling again and again to justify what you are feeling.

This month there is great confusion as to what the true reality is. Don’t expect a quick answer as we are all learning to swim in the stormy waters of Neptune. The only way through is to trust your soul and allow your heart to be the compass that guides you through that storm.

This is a time for contemplation, to discover how you are like the things that draw your attention. The things that call to you are a reflection of who you really are. When you want to be calm and clear like a Buddha, you embody that feeling and that energy and then you discover that within you has always been a Buddha waiting patiently to emerge.

Take some time for yourself. Go slowly into this new space. You will discover an untapped resource of energy that is powerful and stronger because your mind is no longer in the way blocking the purest expression of who you really are.

Take some of the energy that you have been using to fight the world and instead turn that focus into loving yourself fully and completely. Then from a place of feeling full of love, take that energy out into the world and share what comes from your authentic self. When each of us does that, the world will be a truly amazing place.

Suzanne Wagner is the author of books and CDs on the tarot and creator of the Wild Women app. She lives in California, but visits Utah frequently.

This article was originally published on November 1, 2016.