Metaphors for the Month: November 2010

By Suzanne Wagner

Osho Zen Tarot: Traveling, Thurnderbolt, Possibilities
Medicine Cards: Swan, Spider, Rabbit
Mayan Oracle: Etznab, Universal Movement
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Strength, Four of Swords, Six of Swords
Aleister Crowley Deck: Worry, The Tower, The Star

November’s intense astrological energies could produce chaos and upheaval. As things metaphorically and physically come crashing down, it is wise not to let fear exaggerate the situation. Upheaval may have positive aspects. This month will give opportunities to claim freedom and open to new possibilities.

Sometimes we have to be forced by circumstances to make changes that have been churning just below the surface. For some of us, those opportunities will seem to come at a cost. Regardless of how the changes manifest, it is clear that there is tremendous movement. Things will be anything but boring. If the financial world has not come crashing down during October, there will be some corrections in the markets in November. Even when the news says we are coming out of the recession, I know my clients and others are still feeling a very real pinch in their pocketbooks. It feels as if the time has run out for the illusion that the economy is recovering. Right now, we are doing more discreating than creating. As we reweave certain aspects within ourselves, our external reality will flip-flop. Energy follows intent: We reprioritize and adjust our intent, and external reality accommodates us.

The good news is that we are leaving difficult situations behind. We are finally awake to what we have created in our life. As we let the past go, we find renewed inner strength and vigor. We escape self-created prisons and gilded cages. That newfound freedom will allow us to be open to conversations that we would have never dreamed of having before this shift. We will solve problems in a whole new way, a transformative way.

Yes, you will have moments of abject fear. Who wouldn’t? Nothing is the same. You will not only feel different; you actually are different. It may feel as if you are taking off an old disguise that has worked very well for many years. But suddenly it no longer feels necessary.

So take a breath and open up; choose to live fully in this moment. Allow its energetic intensity to open you up to the wildness of life and its unpredictability. Do we really always want things the same? Do you want always to have a life that is safe? Remember the excitement when you were younger and were embarking into new and uncharted territories? It was fun! It was freeing! It was invigorating!

You can choose to let this time feel like some breakdown that you created, or you can see this as life stirring the pot to make things more interesting and fulfilling. Which you choose is up to you. Your perception will color everything you experience. Realize that your perception is fluid and changeable; if you choose, you can see that the world does not create upsets that are particular to you. Life is just the process of staying present no matter what gets put on your plate.

Let go of what you think these challenges mean about you personally and allow yourself to open into the experience of this amazing moment. Remember, you are not alone. You will find many others also searching for this new self wanting to emerge. Know that you will always find support along your path- way. Just open, be authentic, tell the truth, and find out that there is support available everywhere.


Suzanne Wagner is the author of numerous books and CDs on the tarot. She lives in Salt Lake City.

This article was originally published on November 1, 2010.