Metaphors for the Month: March 2010

By Suzanne Wagner

A time of transformation.
by Suzanne Wagner

Arthurian Tarot: King Pellinore, Bedivere & Kay
Mayan Oracle: Dreamer and Dreamed, Etznab, Complex Stability
Aleister Crowley: Knight of Cups, Debauch, Luxury
Medicine Cards: Owl, Rabbit
Osho Zen Tarot: The Miser, Playfulness, The Dream
Healing Earth Tarot: Seven of Feathers, Four of Pipes, Woman of Wands
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Three of Disks, Judgment, Three of Swords
Words of Truth: Appropriate Place, Release, Joy

The month of March has some wonderful aspects, but also some hints of warnings to powerful leaders in the world. Who is in danger is not specified in the cards, but there is a threat of an ambush that has the intent to kill a person of influence and power.

As we get closer to Uranus (the disrupter planet) coming into Aries (the God of War) in May, threats loom high for world change and conflicts erupting.

We are in a time of transformation. Transformation is not always comfortable or easy. When humanity gets tired enough of situations, only then can change happen. The old structures break down, and something new emerges. Just remember how fast the Berlin Wall came down and the tremendous shift that ended Communism in Russia and the East Block. The entire year of 2010 is related to this ongoing shift in consciousness. Shifts will probably happen quickly when they happen. The fallout is the old patterns breaking down. This allows new structures to be implemented. But remember, rebuilding does take time; and patience is not an American strength.

So this month, which heralds the hints of spring and new growth, seems fraught with patterns of fear, constriction in relationship to money, and the desire to understand the huge shifts that continue to happen.

To maneuver through this complex maze of disappointment, uncertainty, and shifting patterns of perception, trust your intuitive insights..

It is a good idea to realize you are going to feel unprepared for the monumental tasks ahead. It is best to not take a position of certainty. Remain flexible and open to the shifting tides and patterns as they unfold. We are all in this together. Consider all ideas and options before moving forward.

From this position, people can help co-create a new reality that has the potential to make them feel respected and creative in their approach to work and home.

I find when my old patterns aren’t working, it’s a good idea to become more playful. My inner child has the creative potential to make my life more fun and interesting. My brain loves to try new things. Even if they all do not work out, at least I have attempted to shift a stuck pattern. When I accomplish enough small shifts, my boat eventually breaks free of its moorings and I again experience the wind in my sails. I remember that my life is a grand adventure, full of wonder and magic.

Take a look at what you really want to build in your life this month. Is it an expansion of your consciousness? Inner peace and balance? More passion and excitement?

Regardless of what you are desiring and creating, it is time to own the fact that your external reality is reflecting your internal beliefs. With the right attitude, times of great challenge can be turned into moments of creative expression and gifts that have been hiding within you will have the chance to emerge. How you experience your life is up to you. u

Suzanne Wagner is the author of numerous books and CDs on the tarot. She lives in Salt Lake City.

This article was originally published on February 28, 2010.