Metaphors for the Month: March 2009

By Suzanne Wagner

Elk, Rabbit & Raven hold center stage.
by Suzanne WagnerArthurian Tarot: Beldivere, Britannia

Mayan Oracle: Resolution of Duality, Mystical Power, Hologram
Aleister Crowley: Swiftness, Princess of Swords, Prince of Cups, Fool, Pleasure
Medicine Cards:
Elk, Rabbit, Raven
Osho Zen Tarot:
The Lovers, Participation, The Fool
Healing Earth Tarot:
Five of Wands, Ace of Crystals, Four of Rainbows
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: The World, Two of Cups, Five of Swords
Words of Truth: Sensitivity, Mastery, Reclamation

The Medicine cards sum up March: having the stamina and the willingness to go the distance; dealing with fear instead of becoming catatonic; and allowing and following the magic into a new place that connects this world with the next.

We’ll need all of our stamina and willingness to follow March’s preferred route-straight up the hill.

When it comes to our economy that may be the most difficult but also the safest and quickest. Find the you inside that consistently and steadily takes the more difficult path; it may hurt, but for a shorter length of time. You may also reach new heights of awareness and skill.

Take a good look at fear and know that if you go there, you may find yourself in a bad place. I have heard from many clients who have friends and family caught up in all the 2012 apocalyptic negative news and have decided the world is coming to an end. Some have fallen into a frozen state of waiting. Not only is this an inappropriate way to think of our present situation but also it does not allow for the growth that is always possible if we are willing to evolve. Even if (and it is a highly doubtful possibility) the world were to come to an end in three years, I would want to continue to expand my awareness all the way to the end. The world has always had gloom and doom predictions and yet we are still here. I like to think of God as consciousness and love manifesting through our experience of these bodies. I personally do not want to waste this most precious of gifts contracting so far into fear that I become of no use to anyone. Fear is incredibly debilitating. Do not freeze like a rabbit over information from others whom you have chosen to believe, waiting for the coyote to come and eat you. You can move-and you can move quickly when you put your mind to it.

Raven reminds us to learn about our inner fears and self-created demons. When we are ready to be responsible with its power and magic, another aspect of our spirit is revealed to us.

To the Raven, the color black indicates that we are seeking answers and have embarked on a spiritual journey into the nonphysical. Looking into our own darkness, we find the way to awaken. A tremendous change in consciousness is possible if you are willing to bring your hidden gifts into the light.

March is full of opportunities to deal with conflict in totally new ways. Notice where you are making things more difficult than they need to be. Notice if you are one of those people who revels in conflict and enjoys sowing the seeds of dischord to validate the negativity you carry around. Or would you rather be a person who chooses to act on intuition and is willing to have the courage to try on some unconventional ideas?

It is much more difficult to change something we cannot see. We need each other to reflect the patterns that we are blind to within ourselves.

We tend to perceive from the way our brain likes to integrate information. But there are other perspectives. It is through the insights of others that I have found most of my breakthroughs toward growth and wholeness.

Beyond the concept of “me needing to be right” is being sensitive to insights about ourselves from others. As a country, we are moving beyond needing to be right and the believing life should revolve around “me,” toward knowing that others just might hold perspectives that will allow for a greater awareness and feeling of completion when we learn how to communicate and work together.

Suzanne Wagner is the author of numerous books and CDs on the tarot. She lives in Salt Lake City.

This article was originally published on February 28, 2009.