Metaphors, Regulars and Shorts

Metaphors for the Month: June 2011

By Suzanne Wagner

A tarot reading for CATALYST readers

Osho Zen Tarot: Trust, Playfulness,Exhaustion

Medicine Cards: Blank Shield, Lizard

Mayan Oracle: Adventurer’s Quest,Language of Light

Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Death, Seven of Cups,

Seven of Wands

Aleister Crowley Deck: The Hanged Man, Luxury, The Universe

Words of Truth: Core Movement, Nurturing, Hatred, Primal

Thank the stars we have made it to June! The intensity of the last many months has finally shifted. Expect many more shifts, as the Grand Cardinal Cross lasts until 2015, but the intensity of the stellium in Aries is finally past us. The calming influence of Venus has allowed reason to return, bringing better balance, which is welcome relief from the drama most of us have been feeling. With Mercury and Venus moving into Taurus on May 15 and Mars moving into Taurus on May 11, we finally see an opportunity to find peace and clarity through this new alignment manifesting in our lives.

It has been a wild ride. There may have been moments over the last few months when you questioned your choices, not to mention your sanity. But in June, it is as if your physical body is aligning with the driving force of your spirit, which is what kicked you into these new places with no explanation. I know you thought you had an idea of what you were up against, but some- times the universe is being helpful by not letting you in on all the secrets of transformation. We are often given just enough to propel us forward but not enough to terrify us into remaining in the old pattern.

The good news Is now things are making more sense. You have been birthed into a new place that is probably beyond anything your mind could have come up with. You have detoxed an old self into a free and more open place.

Now you see how tenaciously you held onto the old reality, and you’ve gained a newfound understanding and appreciation of why your lessons came the way they did.

We have both solar and lunar eclipses in June. All eclipses have the potential to change your circum- stances. They are called “course rectifiers.”  Eclipses are associated with a crisis of some kind. Even if it Is an imagined crisis, it may feel very real to you.

Many times a new beginning involves letting go of something from the past—a person, a relationship, an object or a behavior. This is especially true during a lunar eclipse. Eclipses have more impact when they hit your ruling planet. Therefore, in the June eclipses, Geminis and Virgos will be
more intensely affected by the solar eclipse on June 1. With the lunar eclipse on June 15, it’s the Sagittarians’ turn. Eclipses can pres- ent opportunities for major transformation. They amplify, intensify and focus the energies An eclipse may force you to take leaps of faith you might not have believed possible. An eclipse may force you to take action in an area that had stalled; it can bring about changes that seem completely beyond your control.

A solar eclipse signifies a fresh start, a new chapter beginning in life. The effects of a solar eclipse show up in external circumstances. A lunar eclipse points to a moment of maximum stress and represents the culmination of events or the end of a matter. Lunar eclipses often influence relationships and  can become a catalyst from which dramatic change occurs based on what has already been experienced. A lunar eclipse often brings with it a sense of finality, or of unavoidable conditions to the area of your life that it touches.

Lunar eclipses make you look in the rear-view mirror. Often there Is a fore- shadowing of the eclipse’s effect six months previous. So take a look at what was happening six months ago for insight and the chance to prepare for the June 15 shift.

No matter what sign you are, the good news Is that things are finally going to feel as if they are on the mend. There will be significant movement in important areas of your life, and your direction and purpose will be clarified. That feeling alone brings huge relief. It may seem you are waking up from a  dream where you have been climbing hills and going through fire. You are exhausted, but so grateful to be awake. You are present, ready to move  forward in the real world.

Let the dream struggle go. Let the past go. Let this moment become the most important thing. Do not cling. Do not wish for times past. They are but
dreams in your rear-view mirror. What is ahead Is better than any illusion of your past.


Suzanne Wagner is the author of numerous books and CDs on the tarot. She lives in Salt Lake City.

This article was originally published on May 27, 2011.