Metaphors for the Month: June 2009

By Suzanne Wagner

A tarot reading for CATALYST readers.
by Suzanne Wagner


Arthurian Tarot: Bors, Taliesin
Mayan Oracle: Shadow, Dreamer and Dreamed
Aleister Crowley: Valour, Art, Luxury
Medicine Cards: Wolf, Blank Shield, Deer
Osho Zen Tarot: Comparison, Politics, Adventure
Healing Earth Tarot: Ace of Pipes, Ten of Rainbows, Medicine Wheel
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Ten of Cups, The Tower, Four of Wands
Words of Truth: Earth, Creativity, Feeling

We tend to live by a set of rules and laws that work on the level of awareness that our perception understands. This is a valid way to grow as each of us is wired slightly differently to the karmic life experiences we have chosen for ourselves.

At times we separate or disagree with others’ perceptions of what is true, which forces us to consider other perspectives. When life requires us to expand beyond what we think we know, it can be quite destabilizing.

At the beginning of the expansion of our own truth we seek out others of like mind for safety, security and validation. But wisdom is the willingness to go beyond the safety and the need to belong, to allow new experiences to broaden our minds and hearts into the places of acceptance and love of everyone and everything.

Letting go of the need for others to define and stabilize your experience is a terrifying leap of faith. This is not something that can be done quickly; it evolves with your awareness and personal experience. No one can really show you who you are. No one can totally see the magnificence of who you are becoming.

I know for myself that I spent many years needing cognitive information to allow my mind to relax into believing that I really knew something. This builds confidence and it is through confidence that one is willing to take greater risks. But the moment arrives when we know that we no longer need to conform. Now, we aim to take a few risks before we die to uncover who might really be hiding within us.

Each of us has our higher self to guide and teach us. Yet, it is helpful to have others willing to walk the path of self-awareness with us-sometimes to reveal, through supposed foes or repeating circumstances, our own shadows or areas of self-denial, aspects of ourselves previously blocked or hidden.

Friends are a crucial sounding board to help navigate the complex patterns of desire and attachment as we abandon safety nets in quest of a more honest expression of authentic self.

Do not become too attached to the patterns in the past-the past experiences of failure that still haunt and limit, as well as past positive experiences. The fact is, you can never really go back.

Take the circumstance into which you were born and learn to make your life a work of art. Be willing to see the world with the eyes and wonder of a child. Celebrate the joys and feel your heavier emotions as fully as possible.

This month, ask yourself what you want to experience before you die in order to feel fulfilled. Breathe fully into what inspires you. Create experience that allows integration of cognitive information into practical awareness and eventual wisdom. Listen to the music and poetry of your personal life story.

You are your own symphony. Allow your uniqueness. Risk. Open into the fullest expression possible in this lifetime.

Suzanne Wagner is the author of numerous books and CDs on the tarot. She lives in Salt Lake City.


This article was originally published on May 29, 2009.