Metaphors for the Month: Fortuna Smiles

By Suzanne Wagner

Let her spinning wheel spin.
metaphorsArthurian Tarot: The Hare, Arthur’s Dream

Mayan Oracle: Chicchan, Adventurer’s Quest

Aleister Crowley: Prudence, Power, The Hermit

Medicine Cards: Mouse, Hummingbird

Osho Zen Tarot: Consciousness, Isolation

Healing Earth Tarot: Six of Pipes, Chariot

Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Three of Disks, Eight of Wands

Words of Truth: Sacred Fun, Synergy, Humor

This February, the goddess Fortuna will seem to create positive results and movement. Just be warned —Fortuna is fickle and her Wheel of Fortune can just as quickly turn against you. So grab fortune as it passes your way, take all opportunities presented and enjoy them while you can.

The energy of change within our government with the shifts of power in the House and Senate will at least seem to start off with a bang. Changes in how we handle Iraq and our forces on the ground in the Middle East are also creating a powerful message to those in the war effort.

We will see some swift changes in prescription drug costs and laws being created in the Democrat-controlled House and Senate. Considering how long these things normally take, this change initiated in February will move relatively rapidly.

The Wheel of Fortune symbolizes the perpetual motion of the psyche and life experiences. We have all encountered deep subconscious fears within. Past experiences reduce our confidence and leave psychological wounds of insecurity and mistrust. Those fears inhibit our efforts to climb the wheel of fortune and claim our power and destiny.

Fortune is not always fair. In mythology she is portrayed as blind and constantly spinning her wheel. She sometimes rewards the unworthy while neglecting the needy. All journeys include Fortune, with moments of hope and glory, regret and despair.

The Hare enters this pattern as the stage of intellectual development where we become conscious of the repercussions of our actions in the external world. It heralds awakening cultural consciousness and a strong desire to reclaim balance within our communities. The Hare brings trust, enthusiasm, play, excitement and positive change.

In February, we can take aim in a powerful new direction and build toward the future. We want to belong and no longer feel like outsiders, in private life and society.

As Americans, we want to reclaim our good name in the world. We no longer are willing to come across as a bully, and the true intention of our good hearts needs to shine through again. We want to create healing for world situations and find ways to bridge the gap between us and others without being gullible and naive.

Passion, renewed energy and vitality mean February hits with a bang. We now admit mistakes and take aggressive action to implement needed changes.

February motivates our love, humor, and determination, and brings a sense of luck and synergy to life’s adventure.

Believe it! And use this momentum now. In March, some challenging astrological aspects have the potential to bring world financial systems down in the short run.

Suzanne Wagner ( is the author of numerous books and CDs on the tarot. She lives in Salt Lake City.

This article was originally published on January 31, 2007.