Metaphors, Regulars and Shorts

Metaphors for the Month: Finding Grace

By Suzanne Wagner

October is a month when the whisperings of the soul become louder and the doorways become more obvious to walk through.
—by Suzanne Wagner

Osho Zen Tarot: Guidance, Letting Go, Traveling

Medicine Cards: Bat, Skunk, Fox

Mayan Oracle: Adventurer’s Quest, Cimi, Shadow

Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Two of Cups, Five of Swords, Two of Swords

Aleister Crowley Deck: Indolence, Worry, Success

Healing Earth Tarot: The World, Six of Wands, Eight of Shields

Words of Truth: Home, Appropriate Place, Shame

Learning to know when to trust (and when to question) that sense that is, or masquerades as, inner guidance is a test of understanding flow. It is your soul’s mission to uncover your highest self in this lifetime and then to express that in meaningful ways.

October is a month when the whisperings of the soul become louder and the doorways are more obvious. That should come as a huge relief to everyone. 2012 has been a year of knowing you need to move but not knowing where, when, how, or what. It has been frustratingly slow and nothing seems to have moved in the way we wanted. But the energy is beginning to clear. A big reason for that is that Saturn, the planet of hard work and struggle, finally leaves Libra and moves into Scorpio, creating a mutual reception to Pluto in Capricorn. Translation: This allows the rebirth of direction, possibilities and flow. There is finally enough water in the bay to float your boat; at last, movement seems possible.

These aspects create not only physical movement but also a sense that some of the misery and anxiety of the past nine months is shifting into something more positive.

The recession has been difficult for many; we kept looking for external fixes to shift our internal state of dis-ease. But 2012 has been a year when emotions, upsets and upheavals caught up to us and we could no longer hide our head in the sand. We have made difficult decisions and faced the feeling of failure within. We are beginning to know and accept that change is inevitable and that things are going to be okay even though they don’t work out the way our ego had wanted. There is a great deal of peace when we get to the place of accepting our situation and the choices we’ve made.

The pathway through the density could only be found at the bottom of the difficult emotions we were facing. When we honestly evaluate our situation and accept the reality that is plainly presenting itself, then there is a doorway.

That doorway is devotion. Not just devotion to a religion or a spiritual path but devotion to our soul’s journey. Devotion to the fact that our personal journey is fraught with twists and turns. This devotion, whether you knew it or not, has created the monsters jumping out of the sand to test and guide you to more awareness.

Sometimes that awareness is about compassion. Use difficult times to cultivate peace, understanding and self-acceptance; this will cultivate compassion for others.

I find that when I am at my bottom, I touch the true heart of my soul. I feel my love, tenderness, desire, passion and light. I can feel how strong my yearning is for expansion and growth. Then my devotion (that has been guiding me throughout my life) becomes conscious and something shifts.

I find grace.

Grace is a beautiful thing. Through grace I find peace. I know that each soul is on its own quest and those quests are as vast and divine as mine. When I touch my grace, I accept the moment and I do not need to change anyone or anything. I see the divine moving in everyone. Each moment becomes a miracle unfolding in all its complexity and mystery.

My words become a soft and sweet reflection of love and there is no need to push or force anyone to do anything differently. Through grace, I no longer need something for myself. I know that I am guided at each and every moment and so is everyone else.

In those moments, striving seems like the ego’s last hold over me and I understand that regardless of what I think the path is, my soul has a much better plan; I am in each and every moment following some thread that is my core’s desire to become whole.

This month, let the bat show you the way through the dissolution of your ego. Like the fox, you may be seen or others may not see you. That is not really important, anyway. Others can see you only if they are on the same frequency. When you shift frequencies, those in your old pattern may not even see you. But those on the next level will. Allow your old reality to dissolve in the waters of grace and you will find where you truly belong.

This article was originally published on September 28, 2012.