Metaphors, Regulars and Shorts

Metaphors for the Month: February 2011

By Suzanne Wagner

Osho Zen Tarot: Completion, The Master, Maturity

Medicine Cards: Moose, Hawk, Badger

Mayan Oracle: Polarity, Greater Cycles

Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Prince of Disks, Queen of Cups, Ten of Swords

Aleister Crowley Deck: Wealth, Death, Princess of Disks

Arthurian Tarot: Pursuit of Ingraine, Camelot

Words of Truth: Hermitage, Rebellion, Admit, Allies

February turns the tide in favor of greater simplicity, exploration of pursuits that align with finding peace within your own nature and the desire to go within. In the Animal Medicine Cards, the moose is associated with exploring self esteem but when I looked at this card, I intuitively saw the solitary nature of a male moose. In February, look at what it takes to be still in the present moment and at peace with what is. Sometimes you must accept situations as they are and muddle through with as much conscious dignity as is possible.

It’s only human to think that if we could figure out the right way or the right answer, then everything should work out. But this is not always the case—some things need to be accepted with compassion and peace. Sometimes there is no right answer.

Like the hawk, you might try flying high to get the view from above. You may try to aggres-sively push through oppositions and be angry with everyone and everything, like the badger. But in the end, what does it get you? Moose offers us a different approach for this month.

A moose moves deliberately; rushing is not in its nature. Expending too much energy during times of hardship is not going to work. A moose moves at the pace that is required to get somewhere without wasting life force and energy that will be needed later.

We are in the depth of winter. The cold months call us to think, reflect and calculate appropriately for our circumstances. If you have had the opportunity to see a moose in the wild, you know it is always startling the moose obviously knew you were there before you noticed it. It is often hidden in the trees looking like part of the forest. It quietly watches, making no sound. It observes what you are doing to see whether you pose any threat, and if it feels threatened, it will definitely make itself known. A bear will attack before you know it is there. Not the moose. It thinks about the options and chooses the path that requires the least energy.

The moose has enough confidence in its abilities that it does not need to waste time or energy needlessly. A moose’’s stance is one of maturity and control.

This is the path to take this month. You will see a lot of duality and options, but you must have the confidence thatyou are the master of your own destiny. You are mature enough to make a choice and stand by the consequences. There is no right or wrong—there is only the way that seemed the best option at the time.

Remember, sometimes things will be outside your realm of experience, and you have to rapidly try new things. Sometimes that is the magical way through a challenging experience.

Know that you will be challenged in areas beyond what you’re used to. Know that you are able and mature enough to find a hidden door by listening to your inner self. You may find that the correct approach is to allow others to observe you and know that there is actually no threat. Perhaps you will not have to fight. Perhaps you will not have to figure out the right way. Perhaps you do not have to do anything, and the situation will resolve itself right in front of you. This might be the moment when you find that you can actually relax and just be.


Suzanne Wagner is the author of numerous
books and CDs on the tarot. She lives in Salt

This article was originally published on January 27, 2011.