Metaphors for the Month: February 2010

By Suzanne Wagner

A growthful journey inward.
by Suzanne Wagner

Arthurian Tarot: Swords of Strange Hangings, Castle Perilous
Mayan Oracle: Resolution of Duality, Chuen, Language of Light
Aleister Crowley: Strife, Prince of Swords, The Aeon
Medicine Cards: Swan, Hummingbird
Osho Zen Tarot: We Are The World, Sharing, Celebration
Healing Earth Tarot: Chariot, Seven of Shields, Ten of Rainbows
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Seven of Wands, Three of Cups, King of Wands
Words of Truth: Anger, Will, Withholding, Home

This February has more in store for us than hearts, love and sweetness. This month we can see where we are restricted; we will also to be willing to act in ways that will not manifest positive change. The “good news” is in the viewpoint: When no outward progress is possible, the only alternative for movement and growth is to journey inward.

Externally, this is a time of oppression and suffering. Psychological blocks undermine confidence and freeze all action. But these circumstances do not need to lead to despair. You may feel as if you have no control over the events unfolding in your life. In those moments you have an opportunity to find the deeper places within, allowing you to expand beyond your physical needs.

The outer world has seen a strain on resources and money. We need to be open to new approaches and ideas.

A great force is about to be released in the world. How each of us focuses that energy will determine the energetic potential that can be manifested. You may feel the need to make a firm decision that will substantially impact your life in the future.

Extended periods of suffering can forge a great force for change which, when directed, frees one from an oppressive position. You will find others expressing deep, powerful emotions which will initiate action and eventually triumph. Victory comes this month when we recognize our humanity and our indisputable connection to each other.

It is important to notice and deal with anger in your personal situation. When we deny our authentic emotions, that energy acquires the potential to manifest externally in ways we do not always want.

This is not license to lash out at others. Rather, it’s time to tell the truth and allow the energy of anger to move through the body into more creative and passionate expressions of change. Everyone is feeling the strain, so have compassion for those around you. Allow others to express their frustration without taking on that energy in unconscious and debilitating ways.

Empower truth-telling with those you love. Listen and allow their minds to process through whatever they are feeling without needing to fix their personal situations. Often the resolution reveals itself at the end of the conversation in which one is allowed to fully express heavy emotions.

This “thinking out loud” often takes a lot of time and patience. We can loop over an idea repeatedly until clarity emerges, obviating our ego mind’s need for control.

Be open to others’ ideas that might present a doorway to another experience of reality. One of the hardest things is to transform strife and conflict into surrender, grace and love. When we want to fight is when we are at the doorway out of our ego mind. Our ego does not want to give up. It has been protecting us by keeping us in fear, judgment and anger. This allows us to feel right and justified in our perspective.

But your perspective is not the only one. Two people sharing an experience can find a different truth and understanding as they transform the energy their own unique ways. So allow others their truth. Experiment seeing from their perspective. Look for what fits or assists you in opening to new understandings.

Not only will you grow in awareness, but others will feel heard, understood and appreciated. When we sit in a place of love and acceptance for others, egos have no place. Expressing from the authentic self brings ease and flow. It is from this place that worlds, governments and economies can be rebuilt and eventually thrive.

Suzanne Wagner is the author of numerous books and CDs on the tarot. She lives in Salt Lake City.

This article was originally published on January 28, 2010.