Metaphors, Regulars and Shorts

Metaphors for the Month: Do Your Best

By Suzanne Wagner

Don’t take it personally.

Osho Zen Tarot: Harmony, Compromise, Politics

Medicine Cards: Weasel, Hummingbird

Mayan Oracle: Polarity, Realm Shift

Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Star, Death, Emperor

Aleister Crowley Deck: Queen of Swords, Defeat, Abundance

Healing Earth Tarot: Death, Five of Feathers

Words of Truth: Fear, Integration, Denial, Stuck, Creator, Exhaustion

Put on your hard hat and lace up those working boots. We are entering the Venus retrograde in Gemini/Solar eclipse “Danger Zone.”

You think I’m joking but it will not feel very funny. The grump factor is increasing to a level that many will snap; people who have been completely reasonable Dr. Jekylls may suddenly become Mr. Hydes.

Politics are going to heat up to a level that, if you have not already stopped watching the news, you might by the time the solar eclipse happens on May 20. A person can only take so much. Right now the “reasonable quota” for stress is so far off the Richter scale that some may just choose to remove themselves from the game of “he said, she said.”

That might not be a bad idea.

Spring is supposed to be about new beginnings, light returning, hope springing eternal, and the belief in abundance. But the “Words of Truth” cards instead predict: Fear, Integration, Denial, Stuck, Creator and Exhaustion. Whew!

There is an undercurrent of manipulation and a feeling that those who want to create havoc and pain will not stop until they get everyone pulled down to their level. Don’t go there.

What creates shifts in awareness is a consensus that “Enough is enough!” The tipping point is coming. However, it will probably be June or July before we see results. And I’m afraid no one is going to like how it looks.

Nature creates acts of destruction in order for rebirth. Whether we like it or not does not matter. It helps to remember in these moments that nature is not personal. Learning to navigate big waves with honesty and authenticity is all anyone can really do.

The planet is going through a difficult time for the next few years. If we take it personally, it will be a long haul. These moments are here to awaken us to gifts that we forgot we had. Challenging moments force us to reach inside the deepest parts of our soul. Choosing to be proactive rather than reactive is very helpful right now. You can let yourself become consumed by fear, denial and exhaustion or you can stay present with the integration that is attempting to happen.

There are so many pieces in our lives that just do not seem to fit—so much randomness. Much of who we have been just does not belong anymore. We are looking for new tools to build a new reality. It is so unique and different from anything we have experienced that we feel confused and uncertain as to how to proceed.

There will be a moment of clarity. Do not jump prematurely. You are not ready until you are ready. The universe is creating a calculated delay to get you to check and recheck before you jump. It is not trying to create a problem. It is trying to prevent a bigger mistake.

The key is to find what your heart and soul are calling you to do. Then, even if what you are being called to do is difficult, you do not mind so much. If you are doing something that you love and that uplifts and inspires others, who cares if it is a bit uncomfortable? Stretch. Move beyond the old comforts.

This month, would you rather be free or safe? Would you rather be open or constricted? Would you rather be fully feeling or numb and indifferent? Each of you gets to choose. No one knows you better than you know yourself. You know the kinks, twists, turns and backtracks you must experience in order to grow and flower. So listen. Allow something deeper to emerge.

You are a seed that is sprouting, a seed buried deeply in the ground waiting for the perfect conditions. And that moment has arrived. The seed grows toward the light of the sun and emerges from the darkness that has protected it. It is perfect. You are ready. You are strong. Trust the part that knows how to get there better than your mind. You will find the way and the light will come. Keep going and know that this is a perfect moment. 

This article was originally published on April 25, 2012.