Comings and Goings, Metaphors, Regulars and Shorts

Metaphors for the Month: December 2013

By Suzanne Wagner

A tarot reading for CATALYST readers.
by Suzanne Wagner

Osho Zen Tarot: The Burden, Totality, Experiencing

Medicine Cards: Frog, Buffalo

Mayan Oracle: Cauac, Cib, Akbal

Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Four of Disks, Ten of Disks, Nine of Wands

Aleister Crowley Deck: Princess of Swords, Dominion, Worry

Healing Earth Tarot: Ace of Crystals, Eight of Rainbows, Two of Rainbows, Grandmother of Wands

Words of Truth: Integration, Dullness, Conflict, Female

On many levels, 2013 has been an enormous year for expansion and change. As we transition from the 13 (2013) to the 14 (2014), we leave the powerful Death card (the 13th trump card in the tarot) and move to the Art card (the 14th trump card in the tarot).

2013 was about letting go of outworn parts of ourselves and allowing a metamorphosis to take place. 2014 is about making decisions based on accurate calculations and creating structures that allow for growth.

In December we begin to feel the shift. The Art card is about alchemically transforming the denser or lead parts into gold. There needs to be a merging of past and present. You do not know what the future is going to look like. Right now, just pause and appreciate all that has transpired this past year.

Something magical is happening but you have to slow down and become fully present to see it.

If you add all the numbers of 2013 together, you get a 6, which is called a Hermit pattern. 2013 was a year to dive deep within, to re-evaluate everything in your life from the ground floor up.

Adding 2014 together, you get a 7. This will be a year to create strategies that allow you to become your highest self; your insecure parts need not limit or define your existence.

In many systems, the energy of the number 7 is a powerful force to understand the great mysteries. The number 7 is designed to make you aware of the patterns in nature and in life. It is by understanding the subtle details of nature that you can begin to understand God itself. By understanding natural laws you can learn to shift those subtle energy patterns and begin to alter your experience and your reality.

Under the strong influence of 2013, your old self has died. Now it is time to admit that pattern has run its course and allow the goodness in your soul to become the guiding light for your life. As we come to the end of the year, the cards indicate you are noticing your shortcomings and failures. Take a look at that judgment and step it to a higher level of understanding. Perhaps the things you judge yourself for were not destined for you to win. Perhaps they were designed to reveal your true character and find hidden strengths and personal moral values.

Stop fighting with the past. Allow the history and the story to finally rest. Some things in life are designed to be a trap with no clear solution or easy way through. It is important to not worry about all the opportunities that you passed by. Look at your life without regret. Through those trials you learned that there are always cycles. Also, do not dwell in past glories. Make new magical moments.

December is about finding peace within, claiming the special moments that have been surrounding you, and feeling the safety that is offered during this month of family gatherings. You might not be where you want, which is good because you’re not done yet. Infinite possibilities are right there. You just need to adjust your internal radio dial to a new channel. It will be fuzzy at first but shortly you will become more and more aware of how your conscious thoughts are co-creating your external reality.

Magic is part of life. Ignore the signs or deny it and your lack of attention will catch you offguard. Accept the magic of life and learn to become aware of the signs and signals and you will find the flow that is organic to you and those around you. You are the master of your own domain and creation. Unconscious thoughts undermine and create disturbances in your reality. Become a conscious creator. Then join with others who also are choosing to work in alignment with your vibration.

Think of it like this: It takes no time at all to tear down or tear apart a room. But putting that room back together takes much more time and effort. You find things that you did not know were there. You choose to reorganize that room to balance the energy more efficiently. You discover you need to do deep cleaning that you did not see until you moved all those things. You want to make the room more in alignment with your energetic flow that is happening right now.

Endless possibilities open up when you break things down. When things are set, they are also static and rigid. They might be comfortable but it is through our discomfort that we find new and better ways of doing things.

In December, you will feel as if someone has torn apart your reality. You can get angry and sulk or you can see this as an opportunity to make this room what you have envisioned but were too lazy to take the time and energy to do. Now there are no more excuses. Things are a mess. Let’s get busy. The days are short, the air is cold, and projects can be fun. Your likes and dislikes have shifted and who you were, is not who you are now. This is great news! So before the family arrives for the holidays, let’s restructure a few things and allow that new flow to be seen and appreciated by those who love you the most.

At very least, you will have a great story to share and something new to talk about. Have a wonderful holiday.


This article was originally published on November 27, 2013.