Metaphors, Regulars and Shorts

Metaphors for the Month: December 2010

By Suzanne Wagner

Healing Earth Tarot: Five of Pipes, Ace of Crystals
Osho Zen Tarot: Creativity, Mind
Mayan Oracle: Shadow, Polarity
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: The Star, Two of Disks, The Fool
Aleister Crowley Deck: Happiness, The Emperor, Knight of Swords
Arthurian Tarot: Arch of Twelve Kings, The Horse Fair
Words of Truth: Manifestation, Senses, Withdrawal, Gratitude

In December, you can release yourself from old patterns with gratitude and love for all those who have assisted you along the pathway to consciousness. Things are changing, and what you thought you were manifesting at the beginning of the year has radically altered.
We are at the end and the beginning simultaneously. The darkness of this month’s solstice may feel tremendously heavy for many. The only choice isto reach out toward the light that will be returning in 2011. The polarity and duality has finally reached a critical breaking point. Choices made in November have eased the intensity of the process, but you may feel you do not know how the next pattern of your life may appear. You may not be able to see the magnificence attempting to unfold right now, but you know all great things come to those who are willing to risk and believe in themselves when times are difficult.

Many of you have told me this has been one of the most challenging times you can remember. The astrology reflects that. During such times your inner strength and power can reveal itself to you.

You may feel there is so much duality and shadow that you are not sure any choice you make is correct. This uncertainty teaches you a lesson in trust. Sometimes you have to aggressively make decisions with nothing but your intuition to guide you.

Things should feel better by the end of December. After Christmas, you will feel a tangible shift and the mood will begin to crawl out of this deep hole.
March will herald another major shift; things will move more rapidly then. The choices you must make now will begin to make sense in March 2011.
Try not to let the mind stop or paralyze you in the old places that have successfully trapped you in the past. The past is truly dead, and the future is just beyond your fingertips. You need only reach out of your old patterns of beliefs and behavior to grab what is being offered. It may be different than you pictured, but it also may be more organic and peaceful, more in harmony with the expression of who you want to become.
It is okay to start over. It can be an amazingly exciting time if you just let the fear go and allow yourself to be in the place of a child’s mind of wonder and newness.

You are choosing freedom over fear. You are choosing happiness over duty. You are choosing to let go of habitual patterns and find the bliss in every moment.

2011 is, numerologically, a “four” year. A “four” year is about choosing balance above all things. It is about finding the place of Neutral Mind, regardless of situations and circumstances. You are not the chaos of the planet unless you choose to believe that. You can practice balance during times of imbalance.

The Gift Number of 2011 isthe 11. An eleven-year is a gateway if you allow the rebellion of your soul to express itself and allow you to shift beyond the perception of what you know to be true. You can only see what you believe to be true. What if you just let go of your old beliefs and looked at your world with new eyes? How would it be to have the eyes of a child awakening to the magic that is in every breath, every breeze, every look, and in every nuance? Let the rebel within you show you a new and more interesting way to see and experience the world. Let yourself see the beauty and the positive in every situation. Let yourself roll with the new experiences dancing into your life.

Allow the master painter within you paint and sculpt a completely new view of reality for you. Allow your eyes to be opened in wonder and bliss. Allow your life to feel alive again.

Suzanne Wagner is the author of numerous books and CDs on the
tarot. She lives in Salt Lake City.

This article was originally published on December 1, 2010.