Metaphors, Shall We Dance

Metaphors for the month: December 2009

By Suzanne Wagner

Journey into the unknown.
by Suzanne Wagner
Arthurian Tarot: Gareth & Lyones, The Eachtra
Mayan Oracle: Etznab, Kan, Ben
Aleister Crowley: Oppression, Emperor, Abundance
Medicine Cards: Blank Shield, Wolf
Osho Zen Tarot: Ice-olation, We are the World, Moment to Moment
Healing Earth Tarot: Eight of Wands, Ten of Crystals, Grandfather of Wands
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Chariot, Eight of Swords, Five of Swords
Words of Truth: Commitment, Love, Hatred, Oppression, Truth

In the Arthurian legends, the term “Eachtra” refers to an other-world adventure that takes one beyond the mind and ego. Such places existed in the “twilight” realm and in the direction of the west, the setting sun. By letting go of what we think we know and journeying into the unknown, we begin to feel fully alive. That is what happens this month.

The only way through is to know that this time is about not knowing the outcome, but rather about taking the journey that has been placed in front of you. Destinations are never the actual goal, anyway; the journey is everything.
This month, it will become clear that much effort is necessary, but with the beginning of the journey comes a renewed flow of energy in anticipation of the adventure.

For those traveling for the holidays, be prepared for delays or changes in plans and arrangements. This same energy can cause you to become obsessive over romantic relationships. It is important to find ways to stay balanced; do not pine for the past. If you can, release the pattern that has allowed you to stay stuck—you have the opportunity to find a valuable and balanced relationship.

Think of your life as a dance that flows in a way that allow you to connect to a higher level and deeper emotions.
In love, it is important to not cling to each other, but to feel secure enough within yourselves that you choose to walk the path together as equals supporting each other in the amazing unfolding of intimacy and love.

There are always dangers in believing in the shallow veneer of romantic love. Remember that true love deepens over time and allows the expression of each person’s truth. Love is not constricting and limiting. Love is supposed to be generous and supportive.

The burst of new love is always expansive and wonderful. But be aware if fear begins to contract the expansiveness of love into packages that may be beautiful as they lull you into a dreamlike state, but are traps nonetheless.

True love is willing to move, moment by moment, with all the changing flows.

So this month, take a look at what you are committed to. Are you committed to love, being right, oppressing others out of fear, or to the truth, as you see it?

Just because something is true from your experience does not mean it is true for others. If you impose what is right for you on others, you create disappointment, isolation and impasses.

As a global community, during the month of darkness and diminishing light, remember that we are all united in a goal of peace, prosperity, love and appreciation of each other’s gifts and abilities. Hold on to the truth of your heart. Know that by letting go of personal history and stories, you uncover ways that you could not see when you were egoically needing to be right. The winter is a time of sharing and coming together with loved ones. Appreciate the huge effort everyone is making during this holiday season and open your heart to a new place of generosity and grace.

Suzanne Wagner is the author of numerous books and CDs on the tarot. She lives in Salt Lake City.

This article was originally published on November 30, 2009.