Metaphors for the Month: December 2008

By Suzanne Wagner

No going back; it’s time to learn new ways of being and learning.
by Suzanne Wagner
Arthurian Tarot: Galahad, Lady of the Lake
Mayan Oracle: Men, New Myth
Aleister Crowley: Peace, Knight of Swords, Oppression
Medicine Cards: Coyote, Ant, Blank Shield
Osho Zen Tarot: Inner Voice, The Fool, Projections
Healing Earth Tarot: Strength, Seven of Wands
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Prince of Wands, Ten of Swords, The Moon
Words of Truth: Individuation, Release, Light

Get ready for some major psychic and energetic changes that may cause stress and upset if you are not prepared for them. Sometimes it is helpful to know in advance what you are in for so you can adjust slowly rather than be surprised and shocked into the shift.

First, I commend everyone on an amazing election and two great choices to direct our nation forward. McCain was an honorable and gracious man and he is to be commended on his impeccability and sincerity in what he has accomplished.

Let us talk about this election and the new president. Obama has some amazing aspects that supported him winning this job and those favorable aspects continue until about March or April of 2009. At that time there are some planetary patterns that definitely will put a crimp on the economy and the stress of Americans may increase. This puts any president into a difficult pattern. People may cut back and some jobs will be at risk. Many may blame the new president for this upset. Remember: It was happening before this election. To unwind this pattern will take years.

Yes, I said years.

The excesses of Pluto in Sagittarius are over. We cannot go back. It’s time to turn to new ways of being and learning, and integrate technologies that will serve us in the long run rather than support the old guard – the money people who have not allowed certain systems to be implemented earlier because of power, control and greed.

It will cost us time and money but we really do not have a choice.

Astrologically, this integration lasts for three years into the presidency. Some people will say the changes are not happening fast enough.

We will not be able to have the lifestyle that we had before. This does not mean the sky is falling and everything is going to collapse. It does mean that you need to become more aware of your patterns and excesses.

But after three years, much better patterns emerge and the hard work over the last three years will finally seem to be paying off. Businesses will flourish and money will be increasing again. Everyone will feel happier and more hopeful at that time and Obama will look like he has done a good job.

Just remember: This pattern will take three years. It’s a global pattern. We world citizens are finally going to learn to work together. The emerging pattern requires our participation. Also, it will take time. Lots of time. Do not place unrealistic expectations on our government or president.

Let us all stand shoulder to shoulder and show the world our new commitment.

Everyone who came to this country took great risks to get here. You are the product of your ancestors-that spirit runs in your veins. Breathe in the adventure. Together we can again create something generative that will stand the test of time. u

Suzanne Wagner is the author of numerous books and CDs on the tarot. She lives in Salt Lake City.

This article was originally published on December 1, 2008.